Universities In The United States That Will Be Free In 2024/2025

With the yearly increments in school fees, it’s no doubt that school fees payment costs have skyrocketed, this has caused some students that can’t afford this fee to drop out of school. If you are reading this content currently, then you might have heard about schools that offer zero tuition fees and you are willing to learn more about them. Please read carefully as we will soon dive into the main gist.

The United States is by no doubt the country of great universities. When talking about the most prominent universities in the world, definitely schools in the US will be included. Should we talk about Harvard learning environments,or the top lectures in Stanford university.

As a matter of fact, the US has more than 20 universities and all of them are doing great in terms of their learning facilities, staff and even their environments. Before giving you any impressions, I think it’s important for us to tell you whether schools with free tuition fees really exist in the US or not. Don’t worry we have prepared a special section to answer that.

Are There Universities In The United States That Will Be Free In 2024/2025?


Sadly we don’t have any information regarding that right now, however no school in the United States is currently running a free program, but we are not certain if there will be any in the nearest future. Please don’t be disappointed as there are some schools that offer free tuition fees for in-state students.

This is not entirely free as these programs are sponsored and funded by the state governments or through public-private partnerships.  Although There are currently no universities in the United States that are completely free, there are also some universities that offer tuition-free programs for certain students.

These programs typically don’t actually favor all students, but only students that are financially incapable because they are experiencing one thing or the other. Please stick with us as we will enlighten you more about this in the next section. Below is a list of schools that offer free tuition fees for in-state students.

List Of Schools That Offer Free Tuition Fees For In-state Students 


  • University of North Carolina (UNC)
  • California State University (CSU)
  • City University of New York (CUNY)
  • Washington State University (WSU)
  • University of Texas (UT)

The above-mentioned universities give this type of offer to all students as long as they meet up with some certain requirements, one of these requirements include maintaining a certain GPA, it doesn’t exclude students with adequate financial need whatsoever. now let’s proceed to giving you list of schools that offer Free school fees for Financial Incapable Students

List Of Schools That Offer Free School Fees For Financial Incapable Students


This program was developed purposely for financially incapable students. Their fees will be paid by some private sector or the school board members itself. However this is only applicable to students that are less needy and not all students. Some of the schools that offers this type of program are

The City University of New York (CUNY)

The City University Of New York (CUNY) is a public university that offers less needy students free tuition fees. However this university has 25 colleges and universities in New York City. In 2023, the school made an announcement that it would introduce a program whereby there will be free tuition fee for all New York State residents who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate programs.

The University of Texas (UT):

This school is a public university that comprises 10 campuses and it’s located in Texas. In 2021, the school board of Regents has approved a plan to introduce free tuition fees in Texas but it will only be applicable to Texas residents who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate programs.

The University of California (UC): 

The California state university is one of the most prestigious schools in the US, this School has a total number of 10 campuses located in California. They have also approved a plan to make tuition free for California residents who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate programs.


If you don’t have a means of paying for your tuition fee, you can simply apply for scholarships. Although some scholarships don’t offer to pay for your full tuition fee, they will greatly reduce the cost. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions if you have any.