ADB Japan Scholarship In USA 2023/2024 – Quick Steps To Apply Now

When talking about fully sponsored scholarships in the US, the ADB -JSP can’t be sidelined. This scholarship has helped many asian citizens over the years and it’s actually still functioning. Applying for this scholarship has its own specific requirements which we will surely be discussing in this content.

However you need to keep reading so as to be well informed. Firstly I will like to tell you the full meaning of ADB. ADB is an abbreviation for Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program, and its main focus is to provide tuition fee, feeding allowance, living expenses and even travel allowance for qualified candidates. In Fact it’s no exaggeration if we say this scholarship covers all.

Before you can be granted the ASian Development Bank Japan Scholarship, you need to meet some certain requirements. This implies that this scholarship is not for everybody and it’s only available to some people with certain qualifications and background.

Before we put this content to halt, we will definitely discuss some of these requirements and talk about who is eligible to apply for The Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship and who is not. Keep scrolling if you don’t wanna miss this important information.

How To Be Eligible For The ADB Japan Scholarship In The USA 


  • Candidates Must Be a national of an ADB borrowing member country to be qualified 
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or certificate equivalent with superior academic record
  • Must have  at least two years of full-time professional working experience in any field.
  • Be sound in English Language 
  • Candidates Must Be in good health
  • Candidates should Not exceed 35 years old
  • The ADB-JSP offers scholarships to study in a wide range of fields, including economics, business, engineering, environment, and social development. The program also has a special focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment. So you must be ready to learn.

How To Apply For ADB Japan Scholarship In USA


Kindly visit school portals that offers the scholarship as listed below. Also check the above list of eligible specifications to see if you are truly qualified. You can visit the ADB portal for more information on how to apply.

After meeting up with these requirements, the ADB will continue to evaluate you whether you truly are worth the Scholarship or not. They will first ask you to submit your  application to the designated academic institution in the United States.

Secondly The academic institution will review the applications you submitted and nominate the most qualified candidates to the ADB. After nominating, the ADB will then proceed to selecting the most deserving recipients of the scholarships.

No doubt this scholarship is very genuine and beneficial. As a student looking to proceed to the masters level, this might be your best chance as you won’t even have to pay any form of fees. Below is a list of schools that partnered with ADB for this scholarship.

List Of Schools That Offers ADB Japan In United States Scholarship

Obviously not all the Universities in the United States offer these scholarships, there are some selected universities that run this scholarship in conjunction with ADB. See below for more information about that.

  • Columbia University
  • Harvard University
  • University of California
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Chicago
  • Yale University

Now we will be proceeding to the benefits you stand to enjoy if you by any chance won this scholarship.

Benefits Of ADB Japan Scholarship In USA


Here are some of the specific benefits of the ADB Japan Scholarship in the USA:

  • It covers full tuition and fees
  • Monthly living allowance included in the scholarship terms
  • Candidate health is insured
  • Travel allowance will be allocated 
  • Candidates have more time to learn as the scholarship includes Research and training grants
  • Orientation and language training will be sponsored 
  • Networking opportunities for candidates 

If you are a student looking to further your education to the masters level in the United States, and you are a developing member country. The ADB Japan Scholarship is a great opportunity for you. Please visit the ADB website for more information and to apply.


Although the ADB Japan Scholarship is legit and absolutely free, it’s not meant for all students. You need to meet up with the requirements to be eligible. Please stick with us as we will upload more information if any in the Future.