Overseas Graduate Scholarships – How To Apply Now

Are you a graduate seeking further studies abroad but do not have the needed finances? Then read this article on overseas graduate scholarships to know the next line of action to take. Studying overseas has many great advantages from meeting with people of different cultures and races to experiencing an entirely different climate and systems among others.

If you are planning to study overseas, you should know that the cost of living and tuition fees could be very large amounts which can sometimes truncate the process.  Thankfully, there are overseas scholarship programs that provide the needed financial support for students.

You, however, have to qualify for them and apply. In this article, we will take you by the hand and show you how to apply for and secure an overseas scholarship and other vital information.

Types Of Overseas Graduate Scholarship


It is important to know that there are several types of scholarships out there. Hence, it is wise to understand the types before you proceed to apply for one. Below are some of the types of overseas graduate scholarships. 

  • Merit scholarship for excellent academic achievement. 
  • Scholarship for low-income students. 
  • Gender-specific scholarships. 
  • Scholarships for low-represented groups such as underdeveloped countries. 
  • International students scholarship 
  • Research scholarships. 
  • Scholarships for athletic achievements, etc. 

Who Can Apply For An Overseas Graduate Scholarship? 

To apply for an overseas graduate scholarship. You must have graduated from a recognized higher institution in your country. You must have proof of citizenship from your home country and must have a clean record (no criminal record). 

Requirements For Overseas Graduate Scholarship Applications


These are some of the commonest requirements for an overseas graduate scholarship. 

  • An application form that is to be filled out online. 
  • Personal statement or letter of motivation. 
  • Acceptance letter from an overseas institution. 
  • Proof of funds also known as an official financial statement. 
  • Your previous academic transcript showing academic achievement. 

How To Apply For An Overseas Graduate Scholarship


The first step to applying for an overseas graduate scholarship is to check whether it is available to international or national students. If the former is the case and the deadline is stated. Then you can go ahead to take the following actions. 

  • Fill out the online application form as a way of registering for the scholarship. 
  • Proceed to check your inbox where a confirmation email will be sent to. 
  • Write a unique and impressive personal statement or essay. You can search through the internet for models. However, remember to be unique. 
  • Submit proof of your academic or athletic achievements. It could be proof of your low-income status or nationality. This depends on the type of scholarship that you are applying for. 
  • Submit the letter of acceptance from the school that you have been admitted to. This is because you will not get a scholarship if you haven’t been admitted to a school overseas. 
  • Double-check and proofread all documents before sending them over to the scholarship provider. 

How To Find Overseas Graduate Scholarship Opportunities


To find an overseas graduate scholarship, it is best to visit the official website of your favorite universities. Scholarships are usually posted on such websites. You can send them an email, chat, or contact a representative for information on scholarships. 

Alternatively, search for overseas scholarship websites on the internet. There are many of them out there that will give you links to apply. And do not forget to leverage social media platforms that are geared towards this purpose.

Search through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. You will find adverts for scholarships. Carefully scrutinize the pages before sending your documents to avoid being scammed. 

Difference Between Scholarships And Student Loans


The major difference between scholarships and student loans is that the former is financial aid that does not need to be repaid while the latter (loans) are repaid. 


Overseas graduate scholarships are essential to financially aid students who desire to study beyond the shores of their national borders. We have shown you how to apply for such scholarships and where they can be found. All requirements have also been explained above. I hope this has been of great help to you.