Delivery Driver Jobs In UK For Foreigners – How To Apply Now

Are you a foreigner and you are interested in working as a delivery driver in the UK but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry you are in the right place. This well structured content was written with a sole purpose of enlightening you more about how to go about it. As a delivery driver, you will be required to deliver packages of all kinds to clients doorstep. With this kind of work, you need no special skills other than to be a good driver.

Since the UK e-commerce industry is growing with rapid speed, it’s no surprise that delivery drivers are in high demand in the UK. This implies that the work has become competitive and the salary will by no doubt increase. When it comes to delivery driver jobs, you don’t have to be experienced. All you need is to be good at driving and have good social relations. With a little training, I’m sure you are good to go.

We won’t be hitting the stop point of this content yet, we will make sure to tell you the requirements you need for you to qualify for the job of a delivery driver in the UK. However That won’t be all. We will also teach you how to apply for the job of a delivery driver in the UK.

Requirements To Apply For A Delivery Driver in UK


  • A full and genuine UK driving licens
  • A clean driving record
  • Should be able to drive in and outside the state
  • Must be able to speak and understand English
  • The ability to work with team members and independently
  • The ability to carry and lift heavy loads
  • Some employers may also require delivery drivers to have a good social relationship and experience in customer service or logistics.

Types Of Delivery Driver Jobs In UK


As a delivery driver, there are various delivery companies you can choose to work with. Check Below for more information about that

  • Luggage delivery drivers: a luggage delivery driver is tasked with the work of transporting luggages from one place to another.
  • Food delivery drivers: Food delivery drivers usually work at restaurants. They deliver customers orders to their respective locations.
  • Parcel delivery drivers: Parcel delivery drivers deliver received packages to homes and businesses.
  • Removal drivers: Removal drivers help in moving customers’ belongings from an old place to a new home or office.
  • HGV drivers: HGV drivers drive large trucks to transport goods to long distances. It can either be within the states or outside.
  • Courier drivers: Courier drivers are in charge of delivering a variety of goods, such as medical supplies, documents and flowers.

Since we will be concluding this content anytime soon, let us quickly teach you how to apply for a delivery driver job in the UK.

How To Apply For A Delivery Driver Job In UK

As a foreigner looking to work as a delivery driver in the UK, you need to apply for a visa, a workers permit and other necessary documents.

Hunt For Job

Check online website that shows vacancies, or social media platforms to look for driving job vacancies. You can also ask around to know whether there is a particular company or restaurants that needs a delivery driver.

Apply For The Job

After you have successfully found a job, you will be redirected on how to Apply. You might even be asked to forward your resume.

Tips For Foreigners Looking For Delivery Driver Jobs In UK


Apply for a UK driving license: This is actually the first and the most important requirement for any delivery driver in the UK. Without a UK Driving license, you won’t be employed.

Improve your English language skills: since UK Official language is English, you need to understand it as a means of communicating with clients. Many employers won’t employ you if you don’t have good English language skills.

Use online job boards:  As written above, There are many online job boards that you can check to see list of  delivery driver jobs in the UK.

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Delivery job don’t often start with a bulky salary at first. but as times goes on, you salary might be increased due to your hard work and skills. Please read the content carefully for more details on how to apply for Delivery Driver Job In UK.