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Are you a lover of Mexican-styled meals and dishes and you are looking for where to get them at cheaper prices in the United States? Then scroll through and read this article with me as it contains the right answer that you have been waiting for.

In this highly informative and educational article, I am going to take you by the hand and show you various ways to find the Mexican happy hour near you. Not just that, I will explain what the term means in the simplest way and also take you to see some of the best restaurants that offer happy hours. I bet you can already tell that this article is loaded. So roll with me as we move through it together. 

What Is A Mexican Happy Hour?


Just in case you are drawn aback by the term “Mexican happy hour” and you do not know what it means, don’t worry, I will show you exactly what you need to know.

Of course, I know you are familiar with the term happy hour especially as it relates to many American restaurants. It is a time of the day set aside to reward more customers and make more sales by offering selected food and drinks to them at extremely reduced or discounted prices. With this, customers could get as much as a 50% discount on select items on the menu. 

So, if you are craving Mexican dishes and do not want to spend a fortune getting them in the US, then you have to look for a restaurant that offers Mexican Happy Hour. Fortunately, there are many of them around you. Herein lies the center of our discussion. So let’s move to the next paragraph for more information.

Is There A Mexican Happy Hour Near Me?


As I have noted above, there are many restaurants that specialize in serving Mexican dishes in the United States. Hence, you do not need to travel to Mexico to get those lovely cuisines. And in many such restaurants, there is the happy hour offer. Therefore, the answer to your question above is Yes. How then can I find the one nearest to me? The answer is in the next paragraph, so continue reading to find out.

How Can I Find The Mexican Happy Hour Near Me?


There are quite a number of ways to electronically find the Mexican happy hour near you especially if you are in an unfamiliar environment. In the succeeding paragraphs, I will show you some of the ways to do that.

Google Maps

One of the best ways to find the Mexican restaurant with a happy hour near you is by searching on google maps. Google Maps is a mobile app that is available on the Play Store and App Store hence it can be used by all devices. With this app, all you need to do is enter your query into the search box and you will get answers. Hence you can take the following steps to find a Mexican happy hour time near you.

  • Open the Google Maps app
  • At the top of the page click on the search box
  • Enter “Mexican happy hour near me” into the box.
  • Click on the search icon to find
  • The result of the search will show you the Mexican restaurants near you on a map. Click on any one of interest to find out its happy hour time and menu, as well as other information.

Google Assistant.

Similar to Google Maps above, Google Assistant is also a mobile app available to all devices. It is easy to use as you can send your query by voice hence you may not need to type it out. All you have to do after opening the app is click on the microphone symbol at the bottom of the page and say “hey Google, find Mexican happy hour near me”. Google Assistant would immediately respond by showing you several options near your location. 

Note: Google Assistant works with your location hence you need to turn on your device location before you begin the process.

Ask Siri

Unlike the previous ways of finding Mexican happy hour discussed above, asking Siri is available for only those with iOS devices. Siri is an online assistant on iOS devices. It works with the voice as you can send your command by voice and it will respond by voice as well. Hence, it is the best option for you when driving or in transit. Here is how to use 

  • Click on Siri on your device
  • Say “hey Siri, find a Mexican Happy hour near me”
  • Siri would reply in a few seconds stating any Mexican restaurant near you with their happy hour. It would also go ahead to direct you on how to get there.

So, these are easy ways to find the happy hour at Mexican restaurants near you. Continue reading to see some of the best Mexican Happy hours near you below.

Best Mexican Happy Hour In Houston.


If you reside in Houston, here are some of the best happy hours for Mexican restaurants near you. In no particular order, I will show you 10 of them below.

  • Los Mendoza Restaurant
  • Superica
  • Pistolero’s
  • La Chingada Taco And Tequila. 
  • Aguirre’s Tex-Mex. 
  • Guadalajara Mexican Grille
  • Cidercade Houston
  • El-Tiempo Cantina
  • The Studwood Cantine
  • Chuy’s

Each of these Mexican restaurants has great happy hours with lots of exciting packages in store for you. 

Best Mexican Happy Hour Near Me In Los Angeles. 


If you are in Los Angeles, I have good news for you as well. Here is a list of the 10 best Mexican Happy hour restaurants that you will love. 

  • Lopita Food Truck.
  • Sabor Mexicano
  • Te’kila
  • El Carmen
  • King And Queen Cantina
  • Las Perlas
  • Mercado
  • Toca Madera
  • Tempo Cantina
  • El Condor

Best Mexican Happy Hour Near Me In Brooklyn. 


  • Gordos Cantina
  • Chela
  • Don Pancho Villa
  • Casa Azul
  • Cruz Del Sur
  • Taqueria El Patron
  • Tarachi
  • MexiCUE
  • Siempre
  • Pokito

Do Mexican Restaurants Offer Delivery During Happy Hour?


Home or office delivery is totally dependent on the management of individual restaurants. However, many Mexican restaurants do not deliver during happy hour. This is because it is a happy hour and the aim is to attract more people to the restaurant. 

Nonetheless, a few restaurants have the option of online ordering and home delivery during happy hour. 

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Going through the entire article from the beginning, you can tell that there are many Mexican happy hours near you. All that is needed is to use any of the methods discussed above to find the nearest one and participate in it.