Amazon Company Truck Driver Jobs In United States – How To Apply Now

Amazon truck drivers’ jobs are some of the easiest to get. In this piece of blog post, I will be showing you everything that you need to know about Amazon truck driver jobs. I will show you how to apply, the needed requirements, expected salaries, and so much more.

Everyone yearns to get a job and live decently. So if you want a flexible job that gives you freedom and the balance of a team environment, Amazon truck driver jobs might be the best option for you. Read this article to know what the job requires as well as how much you are expected to earn, including how to apply for the job. 

Opportunities For Amazon Truck Drivers


There has been an increase in the demand for truck drivers by Amazon in the last few years. This demand is spurred by the spontaneous growth of the company and the desire to reach more people and deliver goods faster. Report shows that it has partnered with many small and medium-sized line haul service providers to achieve this aim. Amazon’s report in 2020 shows that it has 13,000 truck drivers as against 3,700 in 2018.

However, there are still thousands of openings for Amazon truck driver jobs in the United States as the company desires to build an in-house network of truck drivers who can pick up loads on a freelance basis. This makes it a good option for any qualified person including immigrants who seek stable employment in the country. As you continue reading, you will find the qualifications required as well as how to apply for the job.  

Duties Of An Amazon Truck Driver


The duties of an Amazon truck driver include safe and timely delivery of packages to customers. Also, to Loading and unloading packages on the truck.

Necessary Qualifications For Amazon Truck Driver Jobs


The requirements to get an Amazon truck driver job are quite simple as it does not emphasize educational qualifications and certifications. And it does not require many years of experience before the job can be gotten. Thereby making it more accessible to immigrants and newcomers. Below are some of the requirements. 

  • You must be 21 years and above.
  • Must have a valid US driver’s license
  • Must have a mid-sized or large vehicle. 

As an Amazon Flex driver, you must also have a Social Security Number (SSN), car insurance, pass a background check, a bank account for direct deposits, and a smartphone compatible with the Amazon Flex Driver App. 

Note: Amazon delivery driver job is a full-time role that requires 40 hours a week hence you will receive access to delivery vehicles provided by an Amazon partner. While the Flex Driver is part-time hence it is flexible but you have a car and act as an independent contractor. 

Emphasizing Skills And Experience


Apart from the requirements above, an Amazon truck driver should be able to have the ability to lift packages that are up to 5 pounds, excellent time management skills, good customer service, ability to use hand-held devices to provide tracking information, and so on. These skills will increase your chances of getting the job. 

Estimated Salaries For Amazon Truck Drivers


Amazon CDL drivers’ salaries range from $40,000 to $62,000 per year. While an Amazon Prime Truck Driver gets $30.01 per hour. Delivery drivers get $19.09 per hour and $88,049 yearly. The actual earning of an Amazon Flex Driver depends on your location, how long it takes to complete deliveries (distance), tips received, etc.

Strategic Job Search Techniques


The best way to get Amazon truck driver jobs is always staying abreast of openings on the Amazon jobs website. You can also search through the internet for companies that partner with it. Send in your application and resume with emphasis on your skills. And don’t forget to network with people in similar jobs to improve your knowledge of the job. 

Note that you will not be interviewed if you are being hired for hourly roles. However, if you are applying for a delivery driver role, the hiring process includes an interview. Therefore, you should be prepared.

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Amazon Truck driver jobs are easy to get as it has different categories and many openings. By applying the strategies discussed in this post, I know you will get the job easily.