Firebirds Happy Hour 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off On Drinks ]

Would you like to enjoy a huge discount on firebirds restaurant? If yes, then’ you have to sneak in during their happy hour special. Yes, you heard me very well. During Firebirds happy hour time, you get discount and special treat. Just like a very few restaurants in United States, Firebirds run their happy hour special from Monday to Friday.

It’s the best time to hang out with your friends and spend less on drinks and other items. Sounds pretty cool right? Ooh yes, that’s why it’s very important to get acquainted with their happy hour timing. This is to avoid missing out, also we have shared their menu items. Read along to get all the necessary information;

When Does Firebirds Wood  Fried Grill Happy Hour Start?


The firebirds happy hour special starts from 4:00pm during the weekdays, ( from Monday to Friday). While their weekend happy hour starts from 11:00am in the morning. Hence, if you want to benefit from firebirds restaurant happy hour, make sure you get there during this time.

When Does Firebirds Restaurant Happy Hour End?


During the weekdays, the firebirds wood fired grill happy hour ends by 7:00pm, while they stop by 5:00pm during the weekend. The below paragraph explained it better, explained everything to a lay man’s understanding.

Firebirds Happy Hour Time


The firebirds restaurant happy hour time starts from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in Firebar and on the patio. During this time at Firebirds wood fried grill, at most locations with drinks starting at $5 and bar bites starting at $6.

A good time to hangout right? Yes, you can actually get a lot of items at a very cheaper price during this time.

Firebirds Happy Hour Menu & Prices


Just like every other restaurants in United States, there are some items in firebirds you may not get at a lower price during their happy hour in some locations. However, below are the menu items at firebirds restaurant happy hour;

Bar Bites

These items are available only in the FIREBAR and on the patio (serves 2-3)

  • Steakhouse Meatballs

Ground Steak / creamy smoked tomato sauce and grilled focaccia. Regular price $12.25,  happy hour price $9.25.

  • Tuna street tacos

(2) Avocado-lime slaw / charred corn salsa. Regular price is $10.25 and happy hour price $7.25.

  • Fired up shrimp

Flash fried shrimp tossed with a spicy Sriracha sauce, regular price is $10.25 and happy hour price $7.25.

  • Crispy pork belly street tacos

(2) Buffalo-BBQ sauce / avocado-lime slaw / charred corn salsa, cost $9.25 on a regular sale, but during happy hour” you can buy it for $6.25.

  • Beef Sliders

Three USDA Choice mini burgers with Tillamook cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, yellow mustard and pickles. Regular price $9.25, while happy hour price is $6.25.

  • Prime rib sliders

Shaved prime rib / horseradish sauce / crispy onions / toasted brioche. Regular price $14.25, while happy hour is $11.25.

There are more items to get at a discount rate at firebirds restaurant during their happy hour, kindly visit their menu page for more.

However, only difference here, is the weekend time starts from 11:00 am. But the prices of their items during happy hour remain the same.

Is Firebirds Happy Hour Everyday?

Yes, the firebirds wood fried grill happy hour runs everyday, just like Sonic happy hour” and other few restaurants that offers everyday happy hour time.

How To Find Firebirds Near Me

Finding the nearest firebird restaurant is very easy, kindly follow the below guidelines to achieve that.

  • Visit firebirds official website, and tap on choose location. Check the screenshot below;
  • Firebirds Happy Hour
  • When you tap on the please choose, kindly select your current location and you will find nearby firebirds restaurant.


You will enjoy 1/2 price wine, and other drinks during their happy hour time. Please take note of the timing during the weekdays and weekend. In summary of the content, firebirds happy hour time starts from 4:00 pm to 7:00pm. Don’t miss out.