Sonic Happy Hour Time 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off Drinks & Slushes ]

Sonic happy hour is the best time to get 50% discount when you buy drinks or other items from their restaurant. It runs everyday, although it has a specific time for the special discount, just like every other restaurants in United States. Hence, this article is summed up on revealing sonic restaurant happy hour time, menu and prices.

No doubt, getting acquainted with their happy hour time will enable you to save more on food and drinks, imagine 50% discount? Oops! This is amazing and I believe you can’t afford to miss out. Who doesn’t like buying things at a low price? Everyone does, hence this is a great opportunity for you to eat your delicious meal, at Sonic for as low as half of the regular price.

Some restaurants and fast food happy hours are usually during the weekend or mid night, but sonic is an exception” their happy hour time is in the afternoon and it runs everyday.

What Does Happy Hour Mean In SONIC?


The Sonic happy hour is the best time Sonic restaurant treat their customers in a very special way, by offering them a 50% discount to any food, or drinks they bought at the particular time. This simply means, a drink or food sold for $2.19, you can actually buy it for $1.10 during their happy hour time. Amazing right? Ooh yeah,

If you want to hangout with family or friends, and spend less on drinks and food” then you should consider doing this during Sonic happy hour. This will help you save more, now let’s quickly go ahead and share their happy hour time and menu.

Sonic Happy Hour


Just as I said earlier, Sonic restaurant happy hour time runs on daily basis” knowing the specific time to avoid missing out is very important.

The Sonic happy hour starts at noon, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. That’s obviously your lunch time right? That’s why I said, Sonic restaurant has the best happy hour timing. You’re practically taking your lunch during their 50% special discount time.

Also, Sonic offer late night happy hour” for those who like having late dinner. You can easily drive-in to any nearby Sonic restaurant during their late night happy hour, that starts from 8.00pm and enjoy another special discount. But this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, it’s more often during summer time.

Sonic Happy Hour Menu


While we enjoy this special discount from Sonic restaurant, just have it in mind that’ in some locations in United States, sonic doesn’t offer 50% discount to all the items in their menu.

Table showing sonic happy hour menu items and their prices;

Sonic Happy Hour Menu Regular Price Happy Hour Price
Corn Dogs $1.59 $1
Real Fruit Slushes $2.99 $1.50
Limeades $2.59 $.30
Candy Slushes $2.49 $1.25
Sonic Splash $2.19 $1.10
Soft Drinks $2.19 $1.10
Iced Teas $2.19 $1.10

Apart from the above listed items, there are other items you can get at a lower price at Sonic restaurant during their happy hour. E.g, snacks and slushes.

Sonic Special Deals


Do you know that’ you can still benefit from Sonic special deals without visiting the restaurant? Yes, it’s very possible and you can easily achieve this by placing an order with Sonic mobile App.

  • Kindly install the app from Google play store or apple store.
  • Sign up, and make sure you provide your accurate credentials.
  • Place orders during their happy hour time, and get it delivered to your door step.

Sonic Near Me


If you can’t find any nearby Sonic restaurant, kindly visiting their website, or follow the guidelines below:

  • Navigate the nearest Sonic in your area, visit this pageĀ
  • Sonic Happy Hour Time
  • Enter your location and tap on search
  • You will find the nearest sonic location in your area.


When Is Sonic Happy Hour?

The sonic restaurant happy hour time starts from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and it runs everyday” from Monday to Sunday. You will enjoy 50% discount for any food items or drinks you purchase during this their happy hour.

Is Sonic Happy Hour 7 Days A Week?


Yes, Sonic run their special deals none stop, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm everyday. However, their late night happy hour doesn’t” it usually run during summer time.


Arguably, you are satisfied with this content” and must have gotten the right information you need. Before rounding off, let me remind you that’ Sonic restaurant happy hour time start from 2:00pm everyday and end by 4:00 pm. Also use the above guidelines to find the nearest sonic in your area.

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