Hiro 88 Happy Hour Specials [ Menu & Prices ]

Since ancient times, Japanese have been known for their amazing cooking skills and potential. They have various restaurants around the world that you can walk into and order not only delicious but also healthy meals and dishes. 

One of the best Japanese restaurants located in the United States is Hiro, they are highly recognized for their mouthwatering menus along with valued added prices. This is a restaurant that is designed to blend with both modern and asian designs, located in a cool and comfortable environment. 

The Pan-Asian restaurant has varieties of meals on their menu which includes Sashimi, Makimono Rolls, Nigiri, and many more. You stand a chance to benefit from their happy hour Specials if you come visiting at the right time and this is what we’ll be highlighting in this article below.

When is Hiro 88 Mid-day Happy Hour?


In case you don’t know, Hiro only observes their happy hour from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm during weekdays and 3pm to 6pm on Saturdays. They don’t serve happy hours on Sundays.  Also have it at the back of your mind that you can only eat your mid-day happy hour meal at the restaurant, there are also deliveries and take outs. 

Hiro 88 Working Days Hiro 88 Mid-day Happy Hour Schedules 
Monday  3:00pm to 6:30 pm
Tuesday  3:00pm to 6-30 pm
Wednesday  3:00pm to 6-30 pm
Thursday  3:00pm to 6-30 pm
Friday  3:00pm to 6-30 pm
Saturday  3:00pm to 6 pm
Sunday  Not available 

As shown in the table above, Hiro 88 Happy Hour time is only available from Monday to Saturday and this might also depend on the location.

As the serving schedules also vary with their franchise locations. Some of their franchises may choose to start their happy hour at 3pm and end at 6:30 pm while others might prefer 3:00 pm to 6:00pm. 

Hiro Reverse Happy Hour – What Time Is It?


The Hiro Reverse Happy Hour also depends on the Hiro 88 location you are planning on visiting but mostly it kicks off at 10pm and ends at 12pm, while some other locations start theirs at 10pm and end at exactly 11pm. Below is a tabular illustration.

Hiro 88 Restaurant  Working Days Hiro 88 Reverse Happy Hour Schedules 
Monday  Not available 
Tuesday  Not available
Wednesday  Not available
Thursday  Not available
Friday  10pm – 12pm
Saturday  10pm – 12pm
Sunday  All day  (11am – 10pm)

In the table above, you can walk into a local Hiro 88 restaurant and get an item from their reverse happy hour menu.

This is possible as long as you follow their schedule. They serve their reverse happy hour items all day during Sundays and you have the privilege of either ordering for take outs or dine in.

What Items Are On the Hiro 88 Mid-Day Happy Hour Menu?


The Hiro 88 mid-day Happy Hour Menu is like a journey of delicious delicacies that I am sure you really wanna explore. The menu consists of delicious meals, drinks and appetizers. 

Hiro 88 Happy Hour Specials [ Menu & Prices ]

Starting from the refreshing house wines by the glass to the house wines by the bottle, appetizers, sushi rolls, sweet potato fries, asian short ribs, spicy garlic edamame and many more. Here is an illustration of the Hiro mid-day happy hour menu in a tabular form.

S/N Hiro Happy Hour Menu (drinks)
  1. All Beers
  2. Well Cocktail

(orange, pineapple, or cranberry)

  4. Sake Bomb
  5. House Wines By The Glass
  6. House Wines By The Bottle
  7. Bloody Marys

(Vodka with crab rangoon)

  8. Cocktails


S/N Hiro Mid-day Happy Hour Menu (Appetizers)
  1. Egg Rolls


  2. Shrimp Tempura
  3. Edamame
  4. Crab Rangoon

(Crispy dumplings filled with crab cream cheese)

  5. Hot N Sour Soup
  6. Seaweed Salad

(Japanese vinaigrette, sesame oil)

  7. Fried Gyoza

(Fried chicken & pork dumplings)

  8. Miso Soup
  9. Squid Salad

(Japanese vinaigrette)

10. Sweet Potato Fries
11. Spicy Garlic Edamame
12. Jalapeño Bacon Rangoon

(Cream cheese & wonton skin)

13. Scallion Pancake

(Served with Hiro hot sauce)


(Grilled and marinated boneless short ribs)


S/N Hiro Mid-day Happy Hour Menu (Sushi Rolls)
  1. Spicy California
  2. Spicy Tuna

(Tuna, tempura crisp, hot sauce)

  3. West Coast

(Salmon, crab, avocado)

  4. Las Vegas

(White tuna, crab, cream cheese)

  5. Spicy Salmon
  6. Asparagus Salmon

(Tempura salmon, asparagus, cream cheese and eel sauce)

  7. Cinco De Mayo

(Tuna, cilantro, onion)

  8. Sweet Potato

(tempura sweet potato, eel sauce)

  9. Hiro’s Crunch
10. Wasabi Stinger

(Tempura shrimp, cream cheese)

11. Sweet Chili Crab
12. Hiro Special

(Tempura shrimp, crab mix, cucumber)

13. Spicy 2 In 1

(Spicy salmon; outside; spicy tuna, tempura crisp)

14. Ebi Tempura

(Tempura beef tenderloin, asparagus)

Hiro 88 Reverse Happy Hour Menu Items ?

The Hiro 88 reverse Happy Hour Menu consists of healthy and palatable meals. It also contains several drinks items which are also present in the mid -day hour menu.

Appetizers… Sushi Rolls
Squid Salad

(Japanese vinaigrette)

Golden Gate

(Crab, avocado, cucumber and shrimp)

Fried Gyoza

(Fried chicken & pork dumplings)

Crazy Horse

(Tuna, salmon and white fish)

Edamame Hollywood

(Tempura white fish, cucumber, cream cheese

Miso Soup Firecracker
POKE (cold plate) Diver Scallops 
Red Snapper Diced tuna and sesame oil
White Tuna Pork Bun (grilled plate)
Albacore Chinese BBQ pork belly, 2 pcs
Mackerel Diver Scallops (grilled plate)

(Seared, wasabi, soy, citrus)

Agedashi Tofu Crispy Tofu

What Are The Prices Of Hiro Happy Hour Menu Items?


An amazing fact about Hiro food items is that apart from being Rich in nutrients they are also affordable.  Some of their happy hour items prices will be listed below;

Hiro Happy Hour Menu Items Prices ($)
Mimosa $4.5
All Appetizers $2 – $5
House Wines by the Bottle  $22
Crab Rangoon $4.5
Edamame  $4
Beers $4
Hiro’s Crunch $5
Asparagus Salmon $4.25
Porn Bun  $7
Chicken Satay $7.5
Flying Fish Roe 2pcs $7
Agedashi Tofu $7
Albacore 2pcs $6.5
Sweet Chili Crab $4.5
Greenlees Crab Salad $9
Spicy Tipped Yellowtail $15
Tuna Tartare $15
Smoked Salmon 3pcs $9
Octopus 3pcs $8.5
Surf Clam 2pcs $6
2pcs $4.5
Striped Bass 2pcs $7
Smoked Salmon 2pcs $8
Flying Fish Roe 2pcs $7
Sea Urchin 2pcs $10.5
Triple Belly(Tuna, salmon, & hamachi bellies (3 pcs) $14
Hamachi Kama $10
Oshinko $3.5
Salmon Cream Cheese $5
Sweet Chili Crab $5
Hawaiian Poke $5.75
Rainbow $7.5
Hollywood $4.75
Spider $6.75
Negi Hamachi $4.75
Avocado Cucumber $3.5
California Deluxe $7.5
Crazy Horse $6.25
Columbia River $6
Firecracker $6.75

How To Find Hiro 88 Happy Hour Near Me


You can locate the nearest Hiro 88 to you by either using the “locations” option on their website or by using their Mobile app. 

Note that you can download the mobile app on play store if you are using an Android device and apple store if you are using an iOS device.

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Does Hiro 88 Restaurant Offer Happy Hour During Weekends?


Yes they do, you can walk into any Hiro 88 restaurant during weekends and others for any delicious item if you choose on their Happy Hour Menu. 

Do Hiro restaurants serve their happy hour menu all-day?


Except for Sundays, Hiro 88 does not serve their happy hour menu all day. You can take another look at the above information in order to have a broader idea 



In summary, Hiro 88 has two different happy hours which are the mid-day happy hour and the Reverse Happy Hour. Note that their happy hour starts at a specific time and ends at a specific time.  Some of their franchises may choose to start their happy hour at different specific times but without significant difference. It’s important for you call your local Hiro 88 for more information.