Islands Happy Hour & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy Special Discount ]

For those nights when you don’t want to cook, Islands should be your go-to for the best drinks and appetizers in Southern California. More so because all items on its menu are affordable during happy hour.

In this article, we have compiled all the information that you need about Islands happy hour. You will find the times that it starts and stops, its menu items, prices, and locations. I know you wouldn’t want to snooze on this. So let’s take a ride through it. 

Does Islands Have Happy Hour?


Yes, islands have happy hour. And the below paragraphs clearly state their happy hour time and menu deals. Carefully read and learn when it starts and end.

What’s Islands Happy Hour?


As you may have known about the happy hour of other restaurants such as Taco Bell, Bahama Breeze, IHOP, and so on Islands happy hour is a memorable and entertaining time. It is a time when the restaurant picks some of the best drinks and appetizers on its menu to form a new menu. And in the new menu, items are given at discount prices. You could get as much as $3 or more off drinks and appetizers. And in other cases, menu items are given at a 50% discount. 

Apart from the cheap prices, it is also a time for so much fun as you can watch live matches on the big TV screens on weekdays. With this, you can tell that it is a busy place where you can meet interesting people and create great networks. See more details about the happy hour time, menu, and more as you continue reading.

When Does Islands Happy Hour Start?


The happy hour at Island restaurant starts at 3:00 PM on Monday to Friday in all its locations. So on weekdays, you can partake of and enjoy the happy hour offer beginning at 3:00 PM. There is no happy hour on Saturday. Then on Sunday, happy hour is available all day. 

What Time Does Happy Hour Stop At Islands Restaurant?


The happy hour is a typical stretch of three and a half hours. Hence it stops at 6:30 PM in all locations. Remember that this is only from Monday to Friday. That is to say, the Islands happy hour stops at 6:30 PM on weekdays. It is held all day on Sunday but not available on Saturday. Islands Happy Hour Days And Time. 

Monday to Friday: 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Sunday: All Day

Note that the times and days are subject to change in some locations, especially on holidays. They could slightly adjust the teacher to better suit the situation at hand.  

Does Islands Restaurant Have Late Night Happy Hour?


No, it doesn’t have a late-night happy hour. Although we are aware that many restaurants in the United States and even in California operate the late-night happy hour pattern that allows you to enjoy the offer even when you are unable to meet up earlier here, there is just one happy hour. And it is held in the late hours of the afternoon into the early hours of the evening as shown above. 

Islands Happy Hour Menu


With the happy hour menu and prices presented to you at Islands, I can bet that you don’t need to have any dilemma about your daily dinner especially when you want to cut costs. This is because the menu features quality meals, the best appetizers, drinks, and more at very affordable prices. The prices are some of the best you can get in this part of the country. 

Need I mention that there is an expansive selection of drinks that includes beer, wine, Margaritas, and a whole lot of tropical and Island drinks? This is to quench your taste and help you relax after a stressful work day. You can also plan a drink time with your friends or coworkers as the drinks are affordable. 

Another part of the menu is dedicated to appetizers. They are served in good portions enough to fill you up and give you optimum satisfaction. The appetizers are healthy and of great quality as the most popular appetizers on their main menu are put up on the happy hour menu. See the details of the Islands happy hour menu and prices below. 


Islands Favorite

  • Mai Tai $5
  • Big Islands Iced Tea $6
  • Mojito $5


  • Rocks $5
  • Frozen $5
  • Mangorita $6
  • Strawberry $6


  • Coors Light 16oz $3
  • Craft Draft Beer for $2 off the original price. 


  • Wine By Glass $3 off its original price. 


  • Mixed Drink $4
  • Rocks $5
  • Martinis $5

Employee Creations. 

  • Maui Mojito $6
  • Blue Hawaiian $6


  • Chips And Salsa $2
  • Quesadillas $4
  • Spinach And Artichoke Dip $8
  • Buffalo Wings $9
  • Islands Nachos $8

Fresh Cut Potatoes

  • Island Fries $3
  • Cheddar Fries $5


  • Beachside Sliders $5
  • Hawaiian Sliders $6

Note: the menu is subject to change from time to time. So also could the prices be adjusted at any time. 

How To Order From Islands Happy Hour Menu


Unlike the regular menu at the restaurant where you can order in various ways, there is only one way to order from the happy hour menu. And that is by visiting the bar section of the restaurant during the happy hour time.

In other words, you can only be a part of the happy hour offer when you visit the restaurant in person. You can place your order right there as the members of the staff are always ready to serve you. 

And by implication, you can not take out any item ordered from this menu as they are meant to be consumed right in the bar area. And this also means that any item on the happy hour menu can not be ordered online through their website, mobile app, or any delivery service. Why not join the fun today by visiting the location near you? See how to find the nearest location below. 

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How To Find Islands Restaurant Near You


There are locations of Islands restaurants near you especially if you are in Southern California. To find the nearest location, visit the official website of the restaurant Enter your city, state, or zip code into the search field provided and click on the search icon. The site map will show you a location near you along with its direction and other information. 

What Are Island Restaurant’s Opening Hours? 


The hours of operation of this restaurant slightly vary with location. However, it is between 11:00 AM and 9:30 PM on Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it is open from 11:00 AM to 10 or 10:30 PM. 

Marco Island Happy Hour

The happy hour marco island isn’t different from the time we posted above. Happy hour in long island starts from 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM during the weekdays, while on Sundays islands offers happy hour all day.


With all that this article has addressed about Island happy hour. I know you will find your way there and be a part of the next happy hour.