Uchi Happy Hour & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off Deals ]

Are you ready for Uchi’s Happy Hour? Take a look at their happy hour time, menu, prices, locations, and lots more as you read this article. 

No doubt, Uchi’s is one of the famous restaurants in United States that offers happy hour special to their customers. The items on their happy hour menu are outstanding, accompanied with music, comedy shows and more, during happy hour time. Indeed, it’s a nice spot for relaxation, especially during happy hour.

What Is Happy Hour At Uchi Like?


Just like Uchiko, Uchi’s Happy Hour is a time that is fixed by the management of the restaurant when select items on their menu are made available to the public at reduced or discount prices. 

The happy hour is so-called because everyone who visits the restaurant at the set time is sure to leave happily as there are lots of fun activities to keep you relaxed and cheerful. Some of them are movies, live music, comedy, sports, and so on.

You also get to meet people of like minds hence it could be an opportunity to connect and make new friends. There are lots of foods and drinks served at cheap prices to the extent that you could get up to 50% discounts on some items. As you read on, you will see the happy hour time and days. 

What Time Is Uchi Happy Hour?


It is interesting to know that the hour of Uchi restaurant is available every day including holidays. That is to say, from Monday to Sunday, happy hour is held here. And it starts at 5:00 PM daily. 

So, if you visit the restaurant before 5:00 PM on Monday to Sunday, you will either order from the main menu which is more expensive, or wait till it’s 5:00 PM.

When Does Uchi Happy Hour Stop?


The happy hour time in Uchi is about the shortest I have seen. It spans just one and a half hours. Hence, it stops at 6:30 PM everyday including holidays. 

So from Monday to Sunday, the Uchi Happy Hour stops at 6:30 PM. This time is strictly adhered to as menu items return to their usual prices as soon as it is past 6:30 PM.

Uchi Happy Hour. 

Monday To Sunday: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

It is worth noting here that the time could vary at some locations, especially outside Austin. 

What’s On Happy Hour Menu At Uchi?


One thing you will love when you visit Uchi is the fact that its happy hour menu is comprehensive. And it has a lot of exciting food and drinks that you will love. This is unlike what you get in many other restaurants that put out just a few items on the happy hour menu. 

Here, there is a lot to eat and drink till you get satisfied. The drinks menu features items like sake, beers, cocktails, wines, etc. They are served in various sizes and types.

Uchi Happy Hour

It’s such a mouth-watering offer and more so because the prices are slashed to the affordability of everyone. For some items, you could get even more than a 50% discount. 

This also goes for the meals and appetizers that are lined up on the happy hour menu. There is enough to fill you up hence you might not need to have dinner after the happy hour. And of course, they are also at reduced prices. See the menu and prices below. 



  • Kara Kyuri $8
  • Japanese 77 $9Sake
  • Nigori Cold Unfiltered Sake $6
  • Hot Sake $7
  • Bushido $9


  • M.A.N $7.5
  • Trefethen $15
  • Pinot Noir $9
  • Cabernet Sauvignon $20
  • Grenache Rose $7.5
  • Brut Rose $9


Cool Tastings

  • Sake Tom Kha $9.5
  • Amberjack Crudo $9.5
  • Bluefin Miso $13
  • Wagyu Carpaccio$ 9.5
  • Sunomono $12

Hot Tastings

  • Fried Onigiri $12
  • Broccoli Katsu $6
  • Walu Walu $9.5
  • Radish Skewer $6
  • Ebi Skewer $9
  • Sakana Tempura $7.5

Nigiri + Sashimi.

  • Otoro Gunkan (Fatty Bluefin Tuna, Sesame, Tamari) $12
  • Hotate Gunkan (Scallop, Aioli, Cucumber) $6
  • Kinoko Cap (King Trumpet Mushroom, Garlic Soy, Chimichurri) $4
  • Foie Gunkan – candied quinoa, fish caramel, shiso 5.5


  • Bincho $6
  • Hamachi $7
  • Grilled Romaine $3
  • Otoro Zuke $11
  • popsicle -Black sugar caramel, sesame, sweet potato semifreddo $4

Note: Items may contain allergens so always inquire about the dietary information before placing your order. Also, the menu is updated from item to time and the information provided here is correct as of the time of writing this article. 

How To Order From Happy Hour Menu At Uchi.


The method of ordering from the happy hour menu is not the same for all locations of the restaurant. While some locations allow you to order online and book reservations, others do not accept that. And in some other locations, you are allowed to order from the menu to go while it is available for dine-in only in some locations. 

Nonetheless, all Uchi locations allow you to order from the menu in person when you visit your location of interest or the nearest location. See how to find them in the next paragraph. 

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How To Find Nearest Uchi Location 


This restaurant has many locations in different parts of the United States. And the happy hour menu and prices vary from one location to the other. Therefore, to get accurate information about the menu at the time you want to visit, contact the location nearest to you. 

To do that, visit the location page of the official website. Click on the menu icon and select locations. Follow the prompts to get other details about your location of interest. 

You can also search it out on Google Maps, or use any other social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


Is Uchi’s Happy Hour Menu Available For Take-out?


This depends on the location of Uchi. Takeout is available in a few locations. However, the majority of their locations make the happy hour menu for dine-in only. 

Is There Late Night Happy Hour At Uchi?


No, there is no late-night happy hour at Uchi. Its happy hour is held from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM daily. 

What’s The Difference Between Uchi And Uchiko? 


Uchi and Uchiko are owned by the same person. However, the difference between them lies in the fact that the bar section of Uchiko has a drink menu that is more comprehensive than its sister bar (Uchi). That is, there are more drinks on the Uchiko drink menu than you have at Uchi. 


There is no doubt that you will leave Uchi a happy person when you visit any location during the happy hour. We have shown you the time, days, menu, and some prices above. I hope this serves as a guide as you plan to be a part of the best happy hour.