Uchiko Happy Hour Time [ Enjoy 50% Off Menu Deals ]

If you want to enjoy delicious Japanese meals without spending all the money in your bank account, then we have great news for you. Uchiko happy hour is the best place to be. Here you will not only enjoy the meal, but you will also meet people from all walks of life.

And the serenity of the environment brings a feeling of home away from home which is an ultimate comfort. Continue reading to see the happy hour time, menu, prices, and of course the days. 

What’s Uchiko Happy Hour All About? 


I guess this is not your first time coming across the term “happy hour”. Hence I believe you must have known that happy hour is usually a time when the restaurant serves some items on their food and drink menu at very cheap prices. On some occasions, you could get these items at half the original prices hence the happy hour offer is usually seen as a very special offer. 

In the case of Uchiko which is the sister restaurant to Tyson Cole’s Uchi, the case is not so much a different one. Uchiko happy hour Is a time that the restaurant has fixed to reward its customers by giving them certain menu items at very cheap prices. And contrary to what you might get at other restaurants, the food and drinks are served in generous portions thereby keeping you filled and satisfied.  

Not only will you be satisfied with the food and drinks, but the aesthetic beauty of the restaurant spreads a warm and receptive ambiance in the environment. It is decorated in Japanese farmhouse aesthetics along with crafted materials and warm finishings. Uchiko happy hour is nothing short of your expectations. See its time, days, menu, and prices below. 

When Does Uchiko Happy Hour Start?


Seeing that the happy hour at Uchiko is worth your time and energy, it is important to know when it starts. And as expected, it takes place in the early hours of the evening. Thereby making it a great place to relax and ease off stress after a hectic work day. 

The happy hour time starts at 4:00 PM daily. This includes both weekdays and weekends. So from Monday to Sunday, happy hour is held and it starts at 4:00 PM. 

With this arrangement also, you do not need to worry about having to read just your time daily to meet up with it. The time is fixed and the same every day. 

When Does Happy Hour Stop At Uchiko?


The happy hour does not stay for a very long time.  Hence it is very important to grab the opportunity before its scheduled time elapses. It stays for two and a half hours. After which every item on the menu is served at its usual price. 

Therefore the happy hour stops at 6:30 PM daily. As we noted earlier, the time is the same on weekdays and weekends. So, from Monday to Sunday, the offer stops at 6:30 PM. Continue reading as we look at the menu and prices in the next section of this post. 

Uchiko Happy Hour Days And Time. 

Monday To Sunday 

4:00 PM To 6:30 PM.

Note that Uchiko does not have late-night happy hour. And its happy hour time is the same on weekdays, weekends, as well as holidays except for some public holidays like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

NOTE: The details of Uchiko’s happy hour, such as the timing and items available, may vary by location and change over time. It’s best to check with the specific Uchiko location for the most up-to-date information.

Uchiko Happy Hour Menu


Uchiko’s happy hour menu contains some of the most delicious American and Japanese dishes that you’ve been craving. The most interesting part of this restaurant is that its meals are healthy as every ingredient used is fresh. The team of caterers is highly skilled hence there are meals to suit the beef of everyone. 

Apart from the food, there are different brands of drinks on the menu. Assorted drinks, local and imported wines, draft, beers, and so on are on the menu. 

Some of the meals on the menu are fried chicken, tako, Avocado Nigiri, same Nigiri, etc. Details of every meal on the menu are listed below. 

How Much Does A Meal Cost During The Uchiko Happy Hour?


Every meal on the happy hour menu has varying costs. Nonetheless, they are all affordable as they are given at discounted prices. The discount rate and prices are fixed by the management of the restaurant hence they are subject to change with time. See details of items and prices below. 

Items Prices
Avocado Nigiri (2 pcs) $3.50
Sake Nigiri $4
Boquerones Nigiri $4
Mapo Tofu $5
Bincho Nigiri $5
Hamachi Maki
Sake Maki
Kabocha Tempura
Jasmine Cream
Candy Bar
Maguro Nigiri
Ebi $7
Hama Chilli
Fried Chicken
Wagyu Maki
Foie Gras Gunkan  $10
Takara Nigori.
Sapporo Premium 
Sapporo Light
Gekkeikan $5
Oxford Landing Premium Grigio
Le grand prebois Garnacha Rose
The Curator Shiraz Pinotage
Pali Wine Co Riveria Pinot Noir.

Can I Join The Uchiko Happy Hour At Night?

No, there is no happy hour at night at Uchiko. As we have stated above, happy hour takes place only in the evening between 4 and 6:30 pm. And it is only at this time that you are opportune to get the offer at those prices. 

Can I Order From The Uchiko Happy Hour Menu Online?


Uchiko does not offer online orders from the happy hour menu as the items are not available for takeout and delivery. However, you can book a seat reservation online. All items on the happy hour menu are meant to be taken in the restaurant and bar. 

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What Are The Hours Of Operation At Uchiko? 


The restaurant is open from 4:00 to 9:00 PM on Sundays to Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes an hour later. Thereby closing at 10:00 PM, unlike other weekdays. 

What’s The Difference Between Uchi And Uchiko? 


Uchi and Uchiko are restaurants owned by Tyson Cole. The difference between them is that while Uchi serves only beers, wines, and sake, its sister Uchiko operates a full bar system. It served cocktails made with Japanese spirits along with those items sold at Uchi. It is therefore safe to say that Uchiko is the all-encompassing version of Uchi. 


Now that you have seen the Uchiko happy hour days, time, menu, and prices discussed in the post above. I hope you will make time to visit them soon. You can also search its official website for more info.