Mission Taqueria Happy Hour & Menu [ Enjoy 50% Off All Items ]

Are you looking for a special spot or restaurant that specializes in serving Mexican chicken mole tacos, churros, snacks and happy hour menu? Mission Taqueria definitely will provide you with all of these.

The Mexican Restaurant is known for its boisterous happy hours, a wide range of menu items to select from in addition to several other offers and promotions. This is the best place to organize group gatherings and celebrations. 

It’s also a perfect spot for first dates – Mission Taqueria is without a doubt one of Philadelphia’s best seafood restaurants located in the United States.

Happy Hour at Mission Taqueria is well organized and scheduled at comfortable times of the day and amongst these are what we’ll be looking at in this article. Let’s dive into it!

When Is Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Time?


First and foremost, you need to be aware of the happy hour times and schedules in order to be aware of the specific time to visit. It’s recommended that you are present at the restaurant a few moments before happy hour begins so that you have the advantage of benefiting from first hand happy hour menu items.

Now, when is Mission Taqueria Happy Hour? The time for happy hour is starting as soon as the time is 4:00 pm and this ends by 6:00 pm. Happy Hour is only available from Monday to Friday during weekdays and it’s unavailable on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Mexican also do not offer happy hour at late night, it’s only served once a day according to the information highlighted above.

Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Days Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Time
Monday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Tuesday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Wednesday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Thursday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Friday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Saturday Happy Hour is unavailable
Sunday Happy Hour is Unavailable

During this period, you can typically get Mexican tacos and snacks at reduced prices. They are known to offer these discounted items without losing the value and quality.

Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Menu


Look no other spots aside Mission Taqueria if you are looking for the best Happy Hour cocktails, drinks and snacks. The happy hour menu is filled worth sufficient Items which will definitely amuse you.

I tried one out myself and all I could do was stay glazed at the quality of the menu items irrespective of the low and discounted prices.

From the selection of a variety of $3 beers to cheap tacos, margaritas and quesos, everyone literally has something to grab.

Happy Hour Snacks Happy Hour Drink Specials
Lime mayo House Margie
Chile Morita Hibiscus ginger splash
Crispy pork rinds Vino (Red, rose, white, sparkling)
Spicy Ranch Seasoning Blood Orange sangria
Chili Remoulade Lime city lager
Monterey Jack White wine
Salsa Fresca
Coconut glaze
Salsa Roja
Peanut Salsa Matcha
Tomatillo Salsa
Poblano salsa
Cotija Cheese

All categories of snacks such as Queso Gringo, Chicken Taco, Cauliflower Taco, Carnitas Taco, Esquites and Chicharrones are readily available on the happy hour menu. You also get other drink specials at discounted rates as long as you go there early as you can.

Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Menu Prices?


If you are left with at least $5 you should be able to get an item on mission taqueria happy hour menu, it doesn’t seem difficult since all the meals and drinks are offered at discounted prices.

We have compiled a table that illustrates some popular items on the menu alongside the prices. 

Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Menu Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Prices
Lime city lager $3
House Margie $6
Hibiscus ginger splash $1
Vino (Red, rose, white, sparkling) $6
Blood Orange Sangria $6
Corn Off The Cob $3
Lime Mayo $3
Chile Morita $3
Scallions $3
Crispy Pork Rinds $4
Salsa Roja $3
Coconut Glaze $3
Tomatillo and Poblano Salsa $3
Monterey Jack $6
Spicy Ranch Seasoning $4
Cotija Cheese $3
Chili Remoulade $4
Chicken Taco $3
Cauliflower Tacos $3
Chicharrones $4
Queso Gringo $6

Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Near Me


Finding any specific happy hour locations or spots nearest to you has been made as easy as possible. All you have to do is just carry out a simple search on a search engine or use the restaurant “location” feature if they probably have one.

You can proceed to the website to find out. Other alternatives include asking a close friend or relative, these possibly might have an idea of any nearby Mission Taqueria Happy Hour spot which will really assist you in your findings.

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Is Mission Taqueria Happy Hour Available On Weekends?


Happy Hour isn’t available during weekends at Mission Taqueria Restaurant. Most of the items on the menu will readily be available only during weekdays which is simply from Mondays to Fridays.

Although, you can still have access to regular menu items except for happy hour. Do all you can to pay an early visit to the restaurant only on weekdays.

What If I Miss Out On Mission Taqueria Happy Hour?


It’s very likely for a customer to miss out on happy hours due to their tight schedules and lack of leisure time. If you have been looking forward to getting a taste of happy hour menu Items at Mission Taqueria but you always miss out every single time.

What might happen is you might not be able to get access to the menu if you arrive late or at the wrong time. The best thing you can do is keep up and arrive early.

You would not definitely regret doing this, you will have the opportunity to receive discounts on the items you get for as low as $3 to $6. 



The happy hour menu at Mission Taqueria mostly comprises drinks and snacks which come really cheap. The restaurant is widely recognized for its Mexican dishes which are specially prepared to match everyone’s taste and satisfaction. Head out after a hard day and grab a happy hour drink at Mission Taqueria.