Lazy Dog Happy Hour & Menu 2023 [ 50% Off All Menu Items ]

There is no better place to go for optimum relaxation than the Lazy dog happy hour. So whether you are looking for a place to cool off the day’s stress, watch your favorite sporting activities, or meet with some friends and loved ones in a serene environment, Lazy Dog got you covered. 

And of course, we understand that you would need some drinks and bites while doing that. In this restaurant, you do not have to spend so much as the happy hour offer has items whose prices have been greatly slashed for your comfort. 

As you read through the paragraphs and lines of this article, you will find the happy hour time, days, menu, prices, and much other vital information that you desire. Do not snooze on this at all as we get started. 

What’s Happy Hour At Lazy Dog?


I guess you must have been familiar with the happy hour offers of other restaurants. But for emphasis, happy hour is a time when restaurants put out select items on their menu at reduced prices. This is usually done to boost sales and reward customers for their patronage. 

Therefore, the Lazy Dog happy hour is a time when the management of Lazy Dog restaurant does the same. During this period, certain items on their menu are given at highly discounted prices. Here the menu is comprehensive and the prices are highly affordable. Some items are slashed to as much as 50%.

Unlike what you would get with many popular restaurants, Lazy Dog has two happy hours. Hence if you were unable to meet up with the first, you can create time for the second. With this, everyone has a chance of participating in it. Note that both happy hours are not available every day. Hence the importance of knowing the days and times of each as would be shown in the next section. 

What Time Does Lazy Dog Happy Hour Start?


As we have stated above, this restaurant operates two happy hours. The first one which takes place in the late afternoon to early evening period starts at 3:00 PM on weekdays. So, from Monday to Friday, happy hour starts at 3:00 PM. 

This makes it a perfect option for late lunch hence you might not need to spend so much money to get yourself a satisfying lunch. 

On the other hand, the second happy hour starts at 9:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday. Hence, it is a perfect dinner option for you as well. 

What Time Does Lazy Dog Happy Hour End?


Similarly, the happy hour runs for 3 hours and ends at 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. This is for the afternoon or early evening happy hour. The second ends at midnight when the restaurant closed operation for the day. And you also know that it is from Sunday to Thursday alone. 

Does Lazy Dog Have Late Night Happy Hour?


Yes, it does have late-night happy hour, and that is what has been discussed as the second happy hour above. It takes place from Sunday to Thursday 9:00 PM to midnight. 

Note that there is no happy hour on Saturdays at Lazy Dog. However, the usual menu is available to every customer. 

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Days And Times.

  • Monday To Friday 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday To Thursday 9:00 PM – Midnight. 

What’s On Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu?


Lazy Dog’s happy hour menu features a variety of affordable drinks and appetizers that you can take while enjoying the cool breeze or warmth of the environment. Although the menu varies slightly with locations, it has delicious and healthy items that will leave you craving more.

Some items on the menu are fried calamari, mac, and cheese, hatch chile and bacon, ahi tuna, avocado, crispy wonton chips, etc. The drink section of the menu features cocktails, draft beers, wines, and many others with different flavors served in various sizes. 

Lazy Dog Happy Hour

The most awesome thing about all of these is that they are served at good prices. Hence everything on the happy hour menu is within the range of $3 and $8. Amazing right? See the details of items and prices below. 

Drinks ($3 To $8)

  • 16oz Coors Light or Bud Light drafts
  • 16oz Lazy Dog house drafts
  • Flat Rock Chardonnay
  • Flat Rock Merlot
  • all well drinks
  • Lunazul Reposado Margarita
  • Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Deep Eddy Vodka
  • Sailor Jerry rum + Coke
  • Housemade Sangria: pomegranate red, white peach, or raspberry rosé
  • House Beer Sampler
  • Pink Lemon Drop Martini
  • Seasonal Meyer Lemon Margarita
  • J.Lohr Chardonnay
  • Cucumber + Mint Martini
  • Asian Pear Martini
  • Cowboy Up- 16oz. house draft + shot of whiskey [choice of Jameson, Jack Daniel’s, Altos Tequila, or Milagro Tequila]
  • Pitcher of Sangria
  • Seasonal Meyer Lemon Margarita

Appetizers ($3 To $8)

  • Cajun Fries + Chipotle Ranch
  • Waffle-cut Parmesan Chips
  • Buffalo Chicken Lollipops
  • Mac N’ Cheese with Hatch Chile + Bacon
  • Togarashi Edamame Beans
  • Sweet Potato Tater Tots with Jalapeno-lime Aioli
  • Loaded Potato Hush Puppies
  • Grilled Garlic Flatbread
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps*
  • All-American Burger*-1/4 burger comes to a la carte + can only be ordered after 9 pm
  • The Dirty Dog- bacon-wrapped Nathan’s hot dog in a king’s Hawaiian bun, topped with potato chips, bleu cheese dressing, buffalo sauce + slaw
  • Mini Brick Oven Pizza
  • Chicken Chile Verde Nachos
  • Ahi Poke Jar*
  • Wok-Fried Calamari-plum sauce, peanuts, bell peppers
  • Housemade Hummus
  • Burrata + Heirloom Tomato Crisp.

Is Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu Available For Take-Out?


No, the items on the happy hour menu are not available for take-out or delivery. They also can not be ordered online. Therefore to participate in the happy hour offer, you must visit the nearest Happy Dog location. 

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How To Find Lazy Dog Location Near You. 


To find the nearest Lazy Dog restaurant and to participate in its happy hour, visit the store locator available on the official website of the bar/restaurant. Enter your current or desired location. The search result will show you the location of the nearest outlet as well as other needed information. 


If you are seeking a place to host a small get-together or holiday party, I strongly wish you to try out Lazy Dog as you are sure to enjoy every bit of it especially if done within the happy hour days and time. This article has extensively discussed Lazy Dog’s happy hour. I hope you will find time to visit the nearest location soon.