Ra Sushi Happy Hour Time & Menu [ Opening & Closing Time ]

Amongst the japanese-owned restaurants in the United States that serve mouth-watering meals in addition to several other delicacies, you can definitely count on Ra Sushi to provide you with this experience. It’s simply one of the best across the country coupled with other of its wonderful promotions and offers. Included in their tasty menu items are teppanyaki favorites like Hibachi Steak, Chicken and Shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi. 

This seafood restaurant which is also regarded as a sushi restaurant provides customers with happy hour specials – which are deals or promotions that offer discounts on the items you buy during a particular period of time.

If you have been looking forward to knowing more about their happy hour menu items, the prices of these discounted meals and appetizers. We’ll provide you with every single detail you need in addition to the happy hour time.

What Time Is Ra Sushi Happy Hour Time? 


Without a doubt, Ra Sushi restaurant is owned by Benihana that serves sushi, ramen, and other Asian cuisine, alongside delicious cocktails.

The happy hour schedules might be different for some locations, but generally, Ra Sushi happy hour commences 3:00 p.m. and ends 7:00 p.m and from Monday to Saturdays.

However, it starts exactly at 3pm on Sundays till the restaurant closes. Late night ra sushi happy hour is also available. Below is a table that best explains when Ra Sushi Happy Hour kicks off.

Working Days  Ra Sushi Happy Hour Schedules  Late Ra Sushi Happy Hour
Monday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Tuesday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Wednesday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Thursday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Friday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Saturday  3pm to 7pm 10:00 pm to close
Sunday   3pm to closing time

As shown above the Ra Sushi Happy Hour time only changes on Sundays. Remember that their Happy Hour time depends on the location you are visiting, and some of their locations offer delivery services while others don’t.

Better still, It’s recommended that you contact your local Ra Sushi restaurant for more information before visiting. 

Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu?


The Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu is a dream come true for foodies, it’s like a planet of amazing, delicious, mouthwatering and healthy meals and drinks you really don’t wanna miss.

From their top notch cocktails or the tasty wines to the appetizers, sushis and drinks. Their menu obviously has something for everyone. We have compiled some of the menu Items you might come across during Ra Sushi happy hour.

Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu (Beers) Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu (Cocktails)
Sapporo Sake Sangria
Asahi Super Dry Shiso Naughty
Kirin Light Tokyo Sour
Budweiser Jim Beam Bourbon
Sapporo Light Dragon Bite
Stella ArtoisRa Baby Umami Punch
Miller Lite Bacardi Superior Rum 
Corona Extra Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Well Mixed Drinks Frozen Fuzzy Momo Bellini
Blushing Geisha Patron Emperor’s Margarita
Tanqueray Gin Japanese Mul
Hot Sake Mango Margarita 
Sake Bomb with Kirin or Kirin Light Wines

From the above list, you can select your choice and trust me you won’t regret tasting an item from the Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu. To be eligible for the happy hour discount or purchasing an item from the happy hour menu, make sure you go at the right time. 

Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu Prices


When it’s time for the Ra Sushi happy hour, the restaurant reduces the prices of  some of their most popular menu items. As mentioned above, your local Ra Sushi restaurant may offer a slight different happy hour deal than those listed below.

S/N Ra Sushi Happy Hour Menu items Prices 
  1. Salmon Nigiri $4.49
  2. Ra Chips & Salsa $6.99
  3. Shrimp Tempura $6.99
  4. Calamari Tempura $6.99
  5. Crispy Spicy Tuna $6.99
  6. Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.99
  7. Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail $5.99
  8. Seared Tuna $5.99
  9. Chicken Yakitori $5.99
11. Spring Rolls  $5.99
12. Crunchy Calamari Roll  $5.99
13. Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.99
14. Tootsy Maki  $5.99
15. Pineapple Cheese Wontons  $5.69
16. Pork Gyoza  $5.69
17. California Roll  $5.69
18 Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.69
19. Edamame  $3.49


S/N Ra Sushi happy hour menu(Beer) Prices ($)
  1. Sapporo Light (12 oz) $4.80
  2. Asahi Super Dry (21.4 oz)  $6
  3. Budweiser  $3.80
  4. Kirin Light (22 oz) $6
  5. Sapporo (12 oz)  $4.80
  5. Kirin Ichiban  (22 oz)  $6
  6. Bud Light $3.80
  7. Corona Extra $4.80
  8. Miller Lite $3.80
  9. Stella ArtoisRa $4.80


Sushi happy hour menu (Signature Spirits & cocktails) Price ($)
  1. 1800 Silver Tequila $6.80
  2. Dragon Bite $7
  3. Tokyo Sour $8
  4. Jim Beam Bourbon $6.80
  5. Shiso Naughty $8
  6. Sake Sangria $7
  7. Frozen Fuzzy Momo Bellini $7
  8. Patron Emperor’s Margarita $8
  9. Tito’s Handmade Vodka $6.80
11. Baby Umami Punch $7
12. Bacardi Superior Rum  $6.80
13. Ra Frozen Margarita $7
14. Tanqueray Gin $6.80
15. Mango Margarita  $8
16. Blushing Geisha $7
17. Well Mixed Drinks $5.30
18 Japanese Mul $8

Does All Ra Sushi Restaurant Offer Happy Hour During Weekends?


The answer to this question is yes. At Ra Sushi, you can get an item from their happy hour menu on Saturday starting from 3pm to 7pm and 10:00 pm to closing period.

On Sundays, it’s exactly from 3pm to close.

Does Ra Sushi restaurants serve their happy hour menu all-day?


No, they don’t! Ra Sushi Happy Hour does not offer happy hours all Day. You only have access to their happy hour menu items during happy hour times. Kindle check our previous sections for the happy hour time schedules.

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Ra Sushi is a restaurant where you can enjoy the best sushi plus a lively music that will definitely move your legs in addition to crowds full of enthusiasm also trying to enjoy their wonderful cocktails. What else do you look out for in a restaurant, head out with friends and family to enjoy their Ra sushi Happy Hour Menu.