Double Knot Happy Hour & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off ]

Food, Cocktails and Beer lovers have made decent reviews regarding Double Knot Restaurant in the United States. A restaurant known for its high quality food, friendly customer service, top notch values and very welcoming environment. They have a great and extensive collection of wines, beers and cocktails which you can definitely get on their Happy Hour Menu without breaking the bank.

However, this all-day cafe purposely focuses on sushi and pan-asian cuisine. It’s one the Best Japanese restaurants in the country. Philadelphia actually houses some of the most popular fast food chains and you can count Double Knot as one.

Moving forward to Double Knot Happy Hour specials – it’s available at the cafe and bar, it’s required that you’re there as early as you can. We’ll be providing you with sufficient information regarding the happy hour deals and all necessary schedules in this article below.

Double Knot Happy Hour


Double Knot have specific hours for offering their happy hour menu items for customers and it’s specifically walk-in only. Happy Hour at double knot is available everyday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm even during weekends.

Unlike several other restaurants that do not have Happy Hour on weekends, you can definitely get access to them on Saturdays and Sundays at Double Knot. Here is a table that shows the time and schedules for happy hour at the japanese restaurant.

Days At Double Knot Restaurant Double Knot Happy Hour Time
Monday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Tuesday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Wednesday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Thursday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Friday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Saturday Starting from 4pm – 7pm
Sunday Starting from 4pm – 7pm

You should obviously take out the thoughts of coming late for happy hour deals because you could possibly miss out on them. And when this happens, happy hour might note be available for you until the following day.

Most of the time, I usually arrive at my favorite spot at least a few minutes earlier in order not to miss out on the promotion. In addition to this, you should also have an idea about the items on the happy hour menu. It gives you a display of what to expect whenever you visit.

Double Knot Happy Hour Menu Items


Happy Hour specials at double knot won’t require emptying your wallet to afford. This particular section of the content will contain all the items you will possibly come across according to the research and information we gathered.

Double Knot Happy Hour

The menu items mostly contain signature cocktails, a collection of different wines, beers of several varieties and many more. Did you realize that you can also make reservations online via the restaurant’s website? Simply proceed to the website and follow all the necessary guides.

Double Knot Happy Hour Menu Items
Featured Beer Roasted Broccoli
The Monkey’s First Maitake Mushroom
New Trail White Ale Draft Kim Chee Fried Rice
The Butterfly Knot Edamame Dumpling
Ca’del Sarto Pinot Noir
Pinot Grigio Ross Family Cellars
Shirakabe Gura “White Wall” Kung Pao Chicken Wing
Rose brut, de perriere Pinot Noir
Morande Pionero Cabernet
Featured Cocktail House White Wine
House Rose House Red Wine
Sapporo Bottle Featured Sake
Kirin Ichiban Light Bottle Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA Draft
Sauvignon Blanc, Rata Jungle Bird Slip
Capitelles des Fermes Chardonnay
Kirinzan Classic Blanc De Blancs Brut
Rose, Domaine Guillaman Sauvignon Blanc, Rata
Spicy Tuna Pork Bao
Shrimp Tempura Cucumber Avocado
Salmon Avocado Mushroom Lo Mein
Crispy Spring Roll Short Rib
Crispy Brussels Sprout Chicken Thigh
Kobe Hot Dog Kobe Slider
Chicken Katsu Bao Pork Banh Mi
Crab Rangoon Albacore Tataki

Prices Of Items On Double Knot Happy Hour Menu


All the wines and meals on the happy hour menu are offered at cheap prices and you definitely should be able to afford them. We’ll be highlighting some of the items alongside the prices attached with them.

Despite the menu prices, the items are still high quality which doesn’t really affect it.

Double Knot Happy Hour Menu Prices Of Happy Hour Menu
Jungle Bird Slip $9
The Butterfly Knot $9
The Monkey’s First $9
Albacore Tataki $9
Chardonnay $11
Sauvignon Blanc, Rata $11
Ca’del Sarto $11
Pinot Grigio $11
Maitake Mushroom $6
Crab Rangoon $6
Roasted Broccoli $6
Kung Pao Chicken Wing $6
Rose brut, de perriere $12
Crispy Spring Roll $6
Blanc De Blancs Brut $12
Cucumber Avocado $7
Spicy Tuna $7
Salmon Avocado $7
Featured Cocktail $6
Shrimp Tempura $7
Rose, Domaine Guillaman $12
Featured Beer $6
House White Wine $7
House Red Wine $7
Featured Sake $7
Shirakabe Gura “White Wall” $14
New Trail White Ale Draft $14
Capitelles des Fermes $11
Sapporo Bottle $7
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA Draft $7
Kim Chee Fried Rice $6
New Trail White Ale Draft $7
Short Rib $6
Kirin Ichiban Light Bottle $7
Kim Chee Fried Rice $6
Chicken Thigh $6
Crispy Brussels Sprout $6
Pork Bao $7
Ross Family Cellars $13
Cabernet $13
Morande Pionero $13
Pinot Noir $13
Koshi Tsukano Shuzo niigata $16
Kirinzan Classic $18
Pork Potsticker $11
Edamame Dumpling $11
Mushroom Lo Mein $7
Chicken Katsu Bao $7
Albacore Tataki $7
Kobe Hot Dog $7
Pork Banh Mi $7
Kobe Slider $7

Double Knot Happy Hour Near Me


One of the easiest methods I make use of is a simple Google Search on the internet. Doing this will provide you with the best double knot happy hour spots closest to your location.

You can also use Google Maps or simply get in touch with a representative at the restaurant. They’d be able to provide you with details of their restaurant locations across the United States and beyond.

If you are willing to make use of Google Maps, you can proceed to the application or use it via a search engine. Input “double knot” and you’ll be provided with all the nearest locations.

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In a quick summary, Double Knot Happy Hour is available every single day at this Japanese restaurant. It also contains an extensive list of different delicacies which would obviously match your taste and get you satisfied.