Earls Happy Hour Time & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy 1/2 Off All Items ]

If you want to experience the delicious and sumptuous taste that Earls has to offer in its dishes but do not want to spend a fortune on that, then you should visit during the Earls Happy Hour Time. It is always a delight as its menu is filled with a variety of items at very good prices.

Read on to see the details of the happy hour including its days, time, menu, and prices. All of these have been compiled for you in this article. 

What Is Happy Hour At Earls Kitchen And Bar?


Earls happy hour is a time stipulated by the management of Earls Kitchen and bar to reward its customers for their constant patronage. During these hours, the prices of food and drink items are greatly discounted hence everyone can afford them with ease. You could get as much as a 50% discount on some food items. While others are also reduced. 

Happy hour usually has its menu but at Earls Kitchen and bar, all items on its main menu are also available in the happy hour menu. 

More interestingly, there are two happy hours at Earls hence you can always have fun irrespective of your working hours. You can enjoy happy hour with friends, family, and loved ones. You can also do that alone or arrange a little get-together or party. Just get creative around it and you will love it.

What Time Does Earls Happy Hour Start?


Remember we noted above that Earls restaurant has two happy hours. The first happy hour starts at 2:00 PM every day of the week. Hence from Monday to Sunday, you can partake in the happy hour either alone, with friends, co-workers, family, or anyone starting from 2:00 PM. 

You will agree with me that this is the time people usually take their lunch hence the te of the Earls happy hour is strategically set to give you lunch at a very affordable price. 

Not just that, the second happy hour at Earls starts at 9:00 PM from Thursday to Sunday. Hence it can serve as a perfect evening relaxation time and also an affordable dinner option. 

When Does Earls Happy Hour End?


In the same vein, the happy hour at Earls ends at 5:00 PM every day. So, if you visit before 5:00 PM from Monday to Sunday, you can order from the happy hour menu. This makes it a perfect option for lunch and early dinner when still being able to save some cash. 

On the other hand, its second happy hour which could pass for a late-night happy hour ends at the close of operations for the day. More about this is explained in the next paragraph. 

Note that the days and times of happy hour at Earls could vary with locations. So always consult the local branch near you to confirm its happy hour times and days. 

Is There Late Night Happy Hour At Earls?


As we have mentioned above, yes, late-night happy hour is held at Earls. It is, however, not available every day, unlike its counterpart. There are selected days of the week when the late-night happy hour takes place. 

Earls late night happy hour is held from 9:00 PM till the restaurant closes from Thursday to Sunday. Hence Monday to Wednesday has no late-night happy hour.

And as we have noted earlier, the closing hours of the restaurant vary with location. However, note that it is between midnight and 2:00 AM. Hence the late-night happy hour would stop at that time. 

Earls Brunch Happy Hour?


This is another amazing offer at Earls restaurant and bar and it is quite different from the usual happy hour discussed above. Earls brunch happy hour takes place on weekends from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. That is, from Friday to Sunday 11 am to 2 pm. 

Earls Happy Hour Time

It has a special menu that is served within the stipulated period. Some items on its menu are pancakes, French toast, egg benedict, etc. 

What’s On Earls Happy Hour Menu? 


The happy hour menu at Earls, unlike what you get in most happy hours around, is very much extensive. It contains almost everything on its main menu with just an adjustment on the prices to make them more affordable. 

The Food menu has avocado super toast, steak, sushi, Jamaican jerk chicken, green Dragon rolls, etc. 

It also has a section dedicated to drinks and here you will find draft beers, cocktails, well wines, etc. 

All of these are either served at half the usual prices or greatly slashed prices. See details of the items below. 

Items Prices
Truffle Fries $5.50
Avocado Super Toast  $7.50
Guacamole + Chips  $7.50
Traditional Ahi Tuna Sashimi  $7.50
Two Yucatan Chicken Tacos $7.50
Dynamite Roll  $9.50
Green Dragon Roll  $9.50
Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp  $9.50
Queso Fundido Dip  $9.50
Two Blackened Swordfish Tacos  $9.50
Warm Spinach + Three Cheese Dip  $9.50
Bigger Better Burger With Fries  $11.50
Hot Wings  $11.50
Jamaican Jerk Wings  $11.50
Korean Hot Wings  $11.50
Maui Ahi Poke  $11.50
Cajun Chicken  $18.50
Jamaican Jerk Chicken  $18.50
Salmon + Sushi  $23.50
Steak + Coconut Shrimp  $23.50
Steak + Sushi  $23.50
BBQ Ribs + Cajun Chicken  $35.50 full, $24.50
Select Craft Beer Glasses $3
Well Highballs  $3
6oz What Cha Ma Call It Chardonnay + The Show Malbec  $5
Mojitos  $7
Moscow Mule  $7
9oz Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rose $9
Cocktail Pitchers for 4  $2


Can I Reserve A Table For Earls Happy Hour?


Yes, table reservations for happy hour are allowed at Earls. This way, you could be sure of getting a table whenever you arrive at the restaurant and bar, especially on busy days and weekends. 

To book a reservation for happy hour, you can either visit the Earls website or call the location of your choice. 

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Can I Order Daily Bar Features During Earls Happy Hour?


The daily bar features at Earls are available all day and every day. And by implication, you are allowed to order from the daily bar menu at any time including happy hour.


I know you are convinced that Earls’ Kitchen and Bar is the right option for that memorable sinking experience that you desire. Now that you have seen the Earls’ happy hour times and menu, make a date with them by visiting the location nearest to you.