Jeffrey’s Happy Hour & Menu [ Enjoy 50% Special Discount ]

Jeffrey’s happy hour is a time you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This is because you get the most delicious wines at the best prices here. There are also lots of appetizers and other drinks at great discounts. If you are in, then read this article attentively to the end as I show you all there are to the happy hour at Jeffrey’s. 

Jeffrey’s is an American restaurant founded by Jeff Weinberger along with his partners Ron and Peggy Weis in 1975. It started as a historic Cafe in the Clarksville neighborhood of Austin.

However, after many decades, it was renovated in 2013 by Austin Chef Larry McGuire to reflect the needs of the customers. This has further launched it to the world hence it is one of the best places in Austin to dine and wine. 

One important feature that has made this cafe-styled restaurant stand out over the years is the fact that it is committed to giving its customers the best. Therefore it has devised several means to make sure that is achieved.

Some of the means of achieving that are firstly through excellent, friendly, professional, and warm customer service. And secondly, promotional offers that are aimed at making customers happy. An example of the latter is Jeffrey’s happy hour specials. See what it is all about in the next paragraph. 

What’s Jeffrey’s Happy Hour All About?


Jeffrey’s happy hour is the term used to describe a set time whereby the restaurant gives great discounts on some items on its menu. In other words, it is a time when customers enjoy amazing discounts on some of the lovely food and drinks on a special menu. 

During this time, there are lots of entertaining activities in the restaurant such as music, sports, movies, and so much more. It is always a relaxing moment. Hence after a very stressful work day, you need to stop by the restaurant to have a drink. You would also meet many important personalities there hence it is an opportunity to connect with like minds. 

The restaurant does this to increase sales, attract more people to the environment, and of course reward existing customers. However, you can only partake in it if you get there during Jeffrey’s happy hour time. See the days and times in the next paragraph. 

Jeffrey’s Happy Hour Times


Jeffrey’s happy hour is a typical stretch of 2 hours during which you enjoy the amazing discounts given. It starts at 4:30 PM and ends at 6:30 PM on Tuesday to Saturday. However, on Sunday and Monday, happy hour is available all night.

This makes it the best place to chill out with friends after work. You can also take it as a good option for late lunch or dinner especially on Tuesday to Saturday when it is held from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. See the table below for more. 

Days Jeffrey’s Happy Hour Start Jeffrey’s Happy Hour Stop. 
Monday All Night All Night
Tuesday  4:30 PM 6:30 PM
Wednesday 4:30 PM 6:30 PM
Thursday 4:30 PM 6:30 PM
Friday 4:30 PM 6:30 PM
Saturday 4:30 PM 6:30 PM
Sunday All Night All Night 

Note: this time is the same every week including public holidays. However, a few locations could make adjustments to their happy hour time from time to time. Nevertheless, so long as the restaurant is in operation on a particular holiday, be rest assured that the happy hour offer will be made available.

Jeffrey’s Happy Hour Menu


Jeffrey’s happy hour menu is made up of alcoholic drinks and appetizers. The drinks are tasty hence you would love to drink more. As for the appetizers, they are well prepared by professional caterers and are very healthy for consumption. 

During the happy hour, all items on the menu are on discount, hence you get a 50% discount on appetizers in Jeffrey’s restaurant. That’s awesome, right? As for the drinks, there is a discount of $2 off all cocktails and wine by the glasses. 

There is another interesting happy hour offer that is highly thrilling. And it is the fact that on Monday nights, there is a discount of 25% off bar food and wine by the glass. On Sunday night (all night), you get 50% off bottles of wine. And the offer continues weekly. See a summary of the menu and prices below. 

  • Appetizers at 50% off
  • $2 off cocktails and wine by the glasses. 
  • Monday night: 25% off bar food and wine by the glass
  • Sunday night: 50% off bottles of wine. 

Can I Order From Jeffrey’s Happy Hour Menu Online?


There is not much information about how to order from the menu online. However, taking a leaf from many other restaurants of the same category, the answer to the question above is a No. You can not order from Jeffrey’s Happy Hour menu online. 

This is because the aim of the offer as we noted earlier is to attract customers to the premises of the cafe. So coming to dine in is the best way to achieve that aim. 

Therefore, the best way to order from Jeffrey’s happy hour menu is to visit the nearest location and order from the menu in person. And within a few minutes, the ever-dedicated staff will attend to you. If you don’t know any Jeffrey’s locations near you, see how to find them in the next paragraph. 

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How To Locate Jeffrey’s Near Me


To find Jeffrey’s restaurant near you, visit its website Navigate to the menu icon and click on it. Now select locations and enter your address into the provided feed. Click on the search icon and wait for the result.

Alternatively, you can use your Google Maps to find Jeffrey’s near me and you will be directed accordingly. You can also visit their social media pages for any other forms of inquiry including the location near you. 

Does Jeffrey’s Have Late Night Happy Hour?


Yes, it does have a late-night happy hour. However, it is done in a unique way that is quite different from what is obtainable in many other restaurants. The late-night happy hour at Jeffrey’s is only available on Sunday and Monday where the happy hour is made available all night. Hence it extends from the early hours of the night till late-night time. 

Jeffrey’s Hours Of Operation


The restaurant is open every day (Monday to Sunday) from 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM. This time might not be the same in some locations hence it is important to check with the location near you before you set out.



So far we have considered all there is to Jeffrey’s happy hour. We showed you its time, menu, and amazing discounts. I hope with this, you will no longer doubt that Jeffrey’s is the best place to enjoy happy hour time.