Piola Happy Hour & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Special Discount ]

If you are craving Italian dishes in the United States, especially in Midtown, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the delicacies at Piola. More importantly, you can save costs while doing that when you visit during the Piola happy hour.

This article is dedicated to teaching you everything you should know about happy hour at Piola including its days, times, menu, prices, method of ordering, and so much more. Don’t miss reading this article for anything in the world. 

About Piola Happy Hour


Piola is an Italian-American restaurant with locations in the United States. It deals with Italian cuisines served in a contemporary environment. Over the years of its existence, it has dedicated itself to giving the best services to its customers. This they do by making sure that all drinks and food are of great quality. And from time to time, the management rolls out offers to make customers happy. Happy hour is one such offer that has come to stay. 

Piola happy hour, therefore, is an offer where the restaurant hopes to make more sales and make customers happy by putting some items on their menu for sale at discount prices. In other words, during happy hour, customers can order food and drinks from a select menu at affordable discount prices. It would surprise you to know that in this restaurant all appetizers are free during happy hour time. See the days and times of the offer in the next section. 

Piola Happy Hour 


Piola happy hour times vary from one location of the restaurant to the other. Of course, you know that this restaurant has many locations in different parts of the US. While some of them start happy hour at 5:00 PM, the happy hour time of most locations begin at 4:00 PM on weekdays. More clearly, the Piola happy hour menu for most locations starts at 4:00 PM on Monday to Friday. 

It then goes on for three hours and stops at 7:00 PM. For those few locations that begin at 5:00 PM, happy hour ends there at 8:00 PM. So from Monday to Friday, most Piola locations stop happy hour at 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday. 

And as we noted in the introductory paragraph, there is enough to eat and drink during this time. Hence the happy hour can serve as dinner to those who want to relax after a stressful day out while filling their stomach with the lovely Italian appetizers and drinks lined up on the menu. As you continue reading, you will see the menu below. 

Note: the happy hour days and times are the same on most holidays. That is, as far as the restaurant is open on holidays, happy hour is held at the same time in most locations. If there is a need to close earlier, the management of the restaurant would always notify the public. 

Table Showing Piola Happy Hour

Days Piola Happy Hour Start Piola Happy Hour Stop
Monday 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
Tuesday 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
Wednesday 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
Thursday 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
Friday 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
Saturday No Happy Hour No Happy Hour
Sunday No Happy Hour No Happy Hour

Piola Happy Hour Menu


Piola brings a blend of Italian cuisines into its menu and this is also reflected in the happy hour menu. The happy hour menu at Piola features a lot of tasty and assorted drinks at great discount prices. And when you order a drink from the happy hour menu, you are entitled to a plate of generously served appetizers. The appetizers are well prepared and enough to keep you full all day. 

The meals on the menu are healthy and freshly made hence you wouldn’t have to bother about your health. They are made by professional caterers in a very clean environment. And they make sure that your health is protected. 

On the menu, there are beer, wines, house drinks, and other forms of assorted Italian drinks. I know you will love them all especially as you would not spend so much money to get them. See the items in the menu below. 

  • Beer $4
  • Wine $5
  • House Drink $5
  • Caipirinhas $6
  • Caipiroskas $5
  • Fruits Caipiroskas $5.

Appetizers: all Appetizers are free during the happy hour. However, at the expiration of the time, all prices return to their usual amounts. 

How To Join Piola Happy Hour Specials


Since it is the happy hour offer and it aims to attract more customers to the restaurant, you then should be able to decipher that the only way to order from the Piola happy hour menu is to visit the location of the restaurant nearest to you. 

There are many Piola locations in the United States, especially in Midtown. Locate the closest one. Walk into it during the happy hour time discussed above and you will get served by any of the members of staff. 

By implication, takeout is not allowed from the happy hour menu. In other words, all items that are ordered during the happy hour are meant to be consumed within the restaurant. If you don’t know the location of Piola near you, read the next paragraph for more. 

How To Find Piola Restaurant Near Me


To find the location of Piola near you, simply visit the location page of the restaurant at piolausa.com/locations. Here the details of all its locations will be shown to you. Just enter your location to get the appropriate directions. 

You can also find its locations when you visit its Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, use a third-party app to help find the nearest location. Some of which are Google Maps, Google Assistant, etc.

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Does Piola Restaurant Have Late Night Happy Hour?


No, late-night happy hour is not held at all locations of Piola. The restaurant has only one happy hour and it is held in the early hours of the evening on weekdays. That is, Monday to Friday 4 to 7 pm as discussed above. It is only during this time that you can partake of the offer. Read here to find late-night happy hours in the United States. 

Hours Of Operation At Piola Restaurant


The hours of operation like the happy hour slightly varies from.one location to the other. However, most locations are open from Midday to 11:00 PM on Sunday to Thursday. While on Friday and Saturday, the opening hours are usually from 11:00 AM to Midnight.



Want to join the Piola happy hour, then take note of the days, times, items, and menu discussed above as you go to the Piola location near you. See you soon!