Happy Hour In Ballard [ Top 10 Best Places ]

Are you looking for a place to get some food and drinks at cheap prices after work? Do you want to have some late-night bites in Ballard but don’t know where to do that? We did a little research and have come up with a list of the best 10 Ballard happy hour places that are ready to serve always. See them as you read through this article to the bottom. 

What’s Ballard Happy Hour About?


Ballard Happy Hour is the term given to a time when restaurants/bars and lounges in Ballard Seattle, put out select items on their menu (majorly food and drinks) at discount prices. The happy hour also features a lot of entertainment and relaxation.

It is usually held in the late afternoon evening or night. However, the time depends on the restaurant. Hence Ballard happy hour time, days, menu, and prices vary from one restaurant to the other. See some of the best places in Ballard for happy hour as we proceed. 

Best 10 Happy Hours In Ballard. 


As we have noted, there are many restaurants, bars, lounges, etc in Ballard that offer happy hour. However, you might not enjoy your time in all places. Hence, this list is to guide you when choosing where to spend your next happy hour in Ballard. As you read through you will see their happy hour times, days, menu items, prices, and other vital pieces of information.

King’s Hardware


King’s Hardware is one of the best places to experience happy hour in Ballard. The ambiance of the restaurant and the reception is so relaxing that you feel like Kings and Queens right at home. In other words, it is a home away from home. To further aid your comfort and relaxation, there is enough food and drinks right at the restaurant. And discounts are given during happy hours. 

The happy hour which holds every day from 4-7:00 PM features $1 off burgers, $2 off Olympia Draft, $3 for all other drafts and well drinks, Pitcher of Olympia for $7, and $10 for other Pitchers. 

Ballard Loft


Suitable for individual and group hangouts, Ballard Loft presents you with a restaurant that reminds you of history. Its beautiful decor speaks so much about nature hence anyone who loves history and nature would always want to come back to this restaurant that was built in 2007. Together with daily offers, Ballard has two happy hours that take place daily. 

The first happy hour is held from 3-6:00 PM Tuesday to Friday. The second also called late-night happy hour is from 4-11:59 Sunday and Monday. And 10-11:59 PM on other days except for Saturday. And the happy hour menu has a lot of discounted food and drinks to offer. Such as $6 appetizers, $4 well drinks, $1 off draft, beer, wine by the glass, and so on. 



Hazlewood takes happy hour in Ballard a little further by giving you a serene environment suitable for intellectual discussions, cool and perfect date night, and relaxation. It has beautiful decor, cool music, and a nice sitting arrangement among other features. This is added to the well-crafted cocktails, trendy beers, and food that is served during the offer. Its happy hour is from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM daily. And you can bet that this is a place to get the best of food and drinks at cheap prices. 

La Isla Cuisine


If you are like me and loves to try out meals from other culture, then you should check out Late Isla Cuisine. This is a restaurant in Ballard that is aimed at people about Puerto Rican culture through food and drinks. They do this by giving you two great happy hours when you get discounts on its RUM and pork dishes as well as drinks. The first happy hour is held from 3-6:00 PM every day. While the second one which is also available every day is usually from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM. 

Percy’s & Co


A time at Percy’s allows you to eat and drink from the food and drinks that are made of fresh local ingredients. The Cocktails and meals are all freshly made daily and of course, you can tell that this is a healthy place to spend your happy hour.

Happy Hour In Ballard

The happy hour which is held every day from 4:00 to 6:00 PM features items like ½ off all bottles of wine, $2 off all glasses of wine, beer, and cocktails, and $4 off pitchers. All items on the food menu are within the price range of $4-$6 during the happy hour. 



Ocho gives you high-quality cocktails and Spanish-inspired cuisine all day including during happy hour. This makes it a good option for happy hour in Ballard. The happy hour of Ocho restaurant takes place from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Sunday to Thursday. And a $2 discount is given on all cocktails. 

The Gerald


The Gerald bar/restaurant and lounge is another lovely place for happy hour in Ballard. It is a place for handcrafted cocktails and classic food with modern twists. There is an array of committed and professional staff that is ready to serve your order every time you visit. 

There are two happy hours at The Gerald daily. The first which takes place every day is from 4-6:00 PM. The second one also takes place every day from 10:30 PM to 2:00 AM.  The happy hour discounts include

  • $5 All Appetizers
  • $5 Drafts Beer
  • $5 House Wine
  • $5 House Drink
  • $7 Cocktail Special. 

Skillet Ballard


With an exterior like The Original on Capitol Hill, Skillet Diner Ballard gives you a 40-foot curved bar and a patio for enjoying your drinks and appetizers all day including happy hour. The happy hour at Skillet takes place from 3:00 to 6:00 PM every day. The happy hour menu consists of appetizers that are served at a price range of $4 and $6, $2 Tall Boy Du Jour, $4 Draft Beer and Wells, $5 House Wine, and $2 off classic cocktails. 



Since its opening in 2005, Volterra has gotten many awards for excellence. This makes it stand out as one of the best restaurants in Ballard. And its amazing dishes, drinks, and prices bring it into our list of top happy hour places in Ballard. It has a long happy hour that starts at noon and ends at 6:00 PM (12:00-6:00 PM) Monday to Friday. During the happy hour, all appetizers cost between $5 and $8. $4 Draft Beer, $5 Signature Cocktails, Wells, Red and White Wine by the glass, and so on. 

Staple And Fancy


Lastly, on happy hour Ballard, let’s quickly see what’s at Staple and Fancy. The happy hour of this restaurant is held every day from 5:00-6:00 PM. Some of the menu items here are

  • Appetizers for $9-$11.
  • $14 Pasta Dishes.
  • $8 Cocktails
  • $7 Wine By The Glass. 

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We have successfully shown you 10 lovely places to enjoy happy hour in Ballard. You saw the happy hour times, days, menu items, and of course prices of each of the restaurants listed. So visit their websites or use your Google maps to get the locations of each of them as you plan your visit soon.