Happy Hour Vancouver [ Top 10 Best Spots ]

Check out our list of the top 10 happy hour restaurants in Vancouver. As you read through each of them, you will find their location, happy hour date, time, and menu items that you would love.

In Addition, we will also answer some of your frequently asked questions here. So roll with me as we get started immediately. 

What’s Happy Hour Vancouver?


Like many other cities in Canada, Vancouver has grown to the full realization and acceptance of the idea of happy hour. And the Happy hour in Vancouver is nothing different from what is obtainable in other places. 

The Happy hour time is usually like a carnival as many people from different walks of life come together to have fun in a friendly atmosphere that spurs the spirit of relaxation and excitement. Hence the name happy hour is the best description for the moments. 

The most fascinating feature of that time of the day is the fact that the restaurants in Vancouver offer high-quality foods and drinks at very affordable prices. This makes it the best time to visit some of the top restaurants without spending so much on meals.

You could be offered as much as 50% discounts on some items on the Happy hour menu. Therefore, being a part of the Happy hour is simply the best way to rest and while away time during the evening hours. Let’s see how you can be a part of this in the next section. 

How Can I Join The Happy Hour Vancouver?


To participate in happy hour Vancouver, you must locate the best restaurants that offer it. See the next section for details on this. 

Top 10 Best Vancouver Happy Hour


Many restaurants in Vancouver offer happy hour. Nonetheless, you might not get the best of happy hour from every one of them. Therefore, we have compiled this list to give you an idea of the best and top restaurants to enjoy your time at affordable prices. See them below. 

Boulevard Kitchen And Oyster Bar


You are surely going to have a nice happy hour time if you stop over at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar. Its happy hour is usually from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM daily. Hence you can always make out time for it and choose it as your late lunch or early dinner place. 

The happy hour menu features professionally prepared foods and drinks. Some of the items on the menu are chowder with fennel pollen, clams, potato,  house-made meatballs marinara with mozzarella and grilled focaccia, crispy chicken wings with fish sauce caramel, sambal chili, and pickled vegetables. There are also freshly shucked oysters. 

It also features wines, beers, etc. The prices of all items on the menu are between $2 and $15. 

Riley’s Fish And Steak


This is a Glowbal restaurant that is highly known for its happy hour, especially in Vancouver. Happy hour holds from 2:30 to 5:00 PM every day of the week. The menu consists of fresh seafood such as oysters, prawns, clams, wagyu beef, goat cheese, and so much more that are well and freshly prepared. 

The prices depend on the quantity ordered but they range from $2 upward. 


Monarca gives you meals that are a blend of Mexican, Argentinian, and European origin thereby making one of the best Vancouver Happy hour spots to get a variety of food. Its happy hour is held from 4 to 5:30 PM on Monday and Tuesday. While from Wednesday to Sunday, it is from 3 to 5:30 PM. 

You will find items like tacos, cheese, bacon, jalapeno, margarita, beer, wine, Pinot, etc on its menu at good discount prices. 

Jules Bistro


The inhabitant of Vancouver also loves Jules Bistro for its happy hour offer that is always entertaining and soul-lifting. Located in Gastown, Jules Bistro has made a mark as an enchanting Parisian bar. Its happy hour is from 2:30 to 5:30 PM daily. Its drink menu is wider than the meal section as it is more of a bar than a restaurant. 

On the menu, however, you will find chicken liver mousse, charcuterie platter, morel poutine, and much more. As for the drinks, there are a variety of wine selections as well as other drinks. 

The foods on the menu are quite expensive but they are delicious hence they are worth the prices which are usually between $10 and $14. While the drinks are served in different quantities ranging from $7. 


Fiorino is unique in its menu as its sumptuously prepared Italian meals. Thereby making it another good option for happy hour Vancouver. It is located in Chinatown and the Happy hour is usually from 3:00 to 6:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. 

As usual, its happy hour is a fun-filled experience and the menu contains foods and drinks including marinated olives, fritto misto, semolina-battered local seafood with Calabrian chili mayo, lemon, schiacciata sliders, and so on. You will also find latte, house wines, drought beer, negro classico, etc on the menu. All of these are served from $1 to $35 depending on the specification and quantity.

Guu Izakaya


At Guu Izakaya, you get a little of everything Japanese. It will s a Japanese bar in Vancouver that offers happy hour. It has many locations in Vancouver and the times for happy hour vary with locations but usually from 3 pm in many locations. 

Some of the meals and drinks on its menu are edamame, takoyaki, chicken karaage, house cocktails, wine, pints of Sapporo, etc. And the prices also vary with locations. 

Narrow Lounge


Located at 1898 Main Street, Vancouver, you can get an all-day food happy hour at Narrow Lounge. Its happy hour however is available daily from 5:00 PM till close. Here you will get tacos, burritos, cocktails, wines, etc at the best prices starting from as low as $3. 

Kafe Lokal


The Happy hour here is from 3 to 6 PM daily. And during this time, you get house wines and beers for $5 and $6 respectively. There are also assorted and well-prepared food and appetizers to keep you full while relaxing. Kafe Lokal is located at 2610 West 4th. 



Nightingale stands unbeatable when it comes to serving quality foods and drinks during Happy Hour Vancouver. Located at 1017 West Hastings Street, its happy hour is held from 3 to 5:30 PM. 

There are so many quality foods and drinks on the menu such as salads, chicken, pizza, beer, wine, etc. You could get wines for $5 on the menu. 

Joe Forte


Jeo Forte is another Vancouver Happy hour spot that offers the best food items at the cheapest prices you can ever get in the city. It is located at 777 Thurlow Street and its happy hour is from 3 to 6 PM daily. Note that happy hour is available for indoor seating alone. 

Its menu features small chops, seafood, and tasty drinks for everyone. 

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How To Find Vancouver Happy Hour Near Me


You can locate Happy hour Vancouver near you by using your Google maps, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. Just give the command by voice or by typing and the map will show you the restaurants and bars around you. 

Is Late Night Happy Hour Held In Vancouver?


Yes, a few restaurants in Vancouver offer late-night happy hour that begins at 9 or 10 pm till midnight. 


From the explanation above, I am sure you are convinced that happy hour Vancouver is an exhilarating time and an experience that is better not told to you. Go through it all and visit any of the restaurants and bars of your choice and enjoy the Happy hour offer.