Happy Hour Victoria ( 10 Best Spots )

If you are new to Victoria, you might be wondering what time happy hour takes place there. And you might not also be familiar with the best restaurants to enjoy Happy hour specials. After reading this post, you will no longer have to go through any stress about that.

This is because we are going to show you the top 10 best happy hour Victoria locations. You will also find other information that borders around d happy hour in Victoria. Excited, right? Let’s get into it. 

What Makes The Happy Hour Victoria?


Happy hour in Victoria as it is in other places is a time for merriment. Restaurants take this time out to reward existing customers and attract new ones by giving discount prices on foods and drinks. You could get as much as 50% off in some places. 

With varying days and times, happy hour is the best time to relax, have a good meal and enjoy the company of others without breaking the bank. 

How Can I Join Happy Hour At Victoria?


If you want to be a part of the happy hour Victoria, locate any of the best restaurants, check out their happy hour time, and schedule your time. See some of the best restaurants in Victoria as you continue reading. 

What Are The Best Happy Hours In Victoria?


As we have said above, many restaurants in Victoria have embraced the Happy hour offer as a way of rewarding their customers and getting new customers. And as such, you get good prices for items at many places.

However, not all have the best to offer. In the succeeding paragraphs, I will be showing you 10 restaurants with the best happy hour. 

Glo Restaurants And Lounge


The serenity of Glo Restaurants And Lounge oozes an ambiance of relaxation hence its happy hour is just the best experience that you don’t want to miss. Interestingly, this restaurant has two happy hours daily hence you can always make out time to be a part of it. 

The first happy hour takes place from 2 to t PM daily while the second one is from 8 to 10 pm. Its menu contains delicious foods and drinks starting from $5. Some of the items on the menu are 

  • Glo Lager, 
  • Corona, 
  • Sapporo, 
  • Pinot Grigio, 
  • Sangria, 


  • Glo Flatbread
  • Salads
  • Artichoke Dip
  • Bacon Slider 
  • Bacon Prawns, etc. 

Locate them at 2940 Jutland Rd, Victoria, BC, V8T 5K6. 



Earls is another restaurant that tops our list of the best happy hours in Victoria. This restaurant has both evening and late-night happy hours. The times are Monday to Sunday 2 to 5 PM. Sunday to Thursday 9 pm to midnight and Friday to Saturday 10 pm to 1 am. 

It has a wide happy hour menu that stands out among others with a variety of food and drink items whose cost starts at $5. Some of them are seafood platters, oysters, shrimp, pork bowls, chicken tacos, margaritas, spirits, wines, beers, and so much more. 

Cafe Mexico


Cafe Mexico is another restaurant with a lengthy happy hour. It is held from 3 to 6 PM Monday to Sunday at its Victoria location at 1425 Store St, Victoria, BC, V8W 3J6. 

Here you enjoy good music during the happy hour plus 3% off on margaritas and Palomar. Other drinks like wines and beer are below $8. Chips, salsas, and tacos are served at $4.5. 

Bard And Banker


Located at 1022 Government St, Victoria BC, V8W-1X7, this restaurant has its happy hour between 3 to 5 PM daily. During the happy hour time, it serves draught beer, spirits, wines, etc at varying prices. It also has foods that are special and affordable. 

Heron Rock Bistro


Like others above, Heron Rock Bistro is a place to enjoy 2 happy hours daily in Victoria. It has its first happy hour held from 3 to 5 PM while the second one stays from 8 pm till the close of operations from Monday to Sunday. The customer service at the restaurant and bar is always ready to serve promptly hence it is loved by everyone. 

Also, its menu items and prices are top-notch that you can’t seize to love it. With prices starting at $5, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Happy hour to enjoy items like fries, burgers, calamari, oyster, salads, beers, wines, and so on. 

Cactus Club Cafe


Cactus Club Cafe with an outlet located at 1125 Douglas St, Victoria, BC, V8W 3L7 has so much to offer during its happy hour. It also has two happy hour times daily. They are from 2 to 5 PM and from 9 pm to midnight. So you have the privilege of visiting at any of these hours to check out the food and drink menu. 

The menu items are quite affordable and nutritious too. Some of my favorites on the list are longboard lager, sunset soda, red and white wines, Bellini, fries, edamame, chicken tenders, burgers, etc. 

Keg Steakhouse Fort St


Keg also has an outlet in Victoria hence it made it to our best 10 happy hour Victoria. This steakhouse is located at 500 Fort St, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E5. Its happy hour times are from Sunday to Thursday 4:30 to 6 PM, and 9 to 9:30 PM. While on Friday and Saturday, the late-night happy hour is from 9 to 10:30 PM. 

Its menu has a lot of food and drinks but the prices are quite high. It ranges from $6 to $17. Some of them are sliders, Keg burgers, fried cauliflower, keg Caesars, Heineken, etc. 

Perro Negro


Perro Negro is the best option when you are looking for a bustling and lively happy hour venue in Victoria. It is located at 536 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 2Z6. And the time is from 5 to 6 PM Thursday to Saturday. 

Menu items such as oysters, mushrooms, Serrano, sangria, beer, wine, etc are served from $2 upward. 

The Palms


Located at 1450 Douglas St, Victoria, BC, V8W 2G, the Palms stands out as one of the best happy hour Victoria. This is not just because it has two happy hours daily but also because its food and drink menu is vast and all-encompassing. 

Happy hour at The Palms takes place Tuesday to Saturday from 4 to 5:30 PM and from 9:00 PM to close. It has a special happy hour menu that consists of both food and drinks at affordable prices. The prices depend on the quantity of your choice. The price of drinks starts at $4  and food at $12. 

Some of the items on the menu are duck wings, house-made guacamole, salmon taco, Palms Lager, craft beer, Palms shaft, martinis, etc. 

Smith’s Pub


One fascinating feature of Smith’s Pub is its cool environment that spurs relaxation. This restaurant is found at 777 Courtney St, Victoria, BC, V8W 3E6 and it gives the best happy hour prices that you can ever get. Its happy hour time is 4 to 6 PM Tuesday to Sunday. And it has a lovely menu that contains mouth-watery food and drinks. 

Some of the food and drink items on the Happy hour menu at Smith’s Pub are corn dogs, Smith’s Burger, grilled cheese sandwiches, Phillips Blue Buck Ale, Driftwood Arcus Pilsner, and so on. And the prices of food and drinks on the menu are within the range of $5 and $9. 

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What Time Does Happy Hour Start At Victoria?


The Happy hour times and days are usually not the same for all restaurants and bars. In other words, the time for happy hour depends on the restaurant that you visit.

However, they are mostly held in the late afternoon to early evening hours. A few restaurants have late-night happy hours as well. 

Late Night Happy Hour Victoria


The following are some of the restaurants that have late-night happy hour in Victoria. 

  • The palms
  • The Keg
  • Heron Rock Bistro
  • Cactus Club, etc. 


Since you have seen the top 10 happy hours Victoria, I believe you will make out time to grab the offer soon. It promises to be a fun-filled time as it has always been.