Little Caesars Promo Code 2023 [ $5 Off Coupons ]

Are you looking for where to get promo codes that are active, reliable, and accurate? Then you have to attentively read this article that contains the best Little Caesars Promo Codes that are irresistible. Without wasting so much of your time, let’s get straight into the details.

Little Caesars is an American multinational Pizza chain that is known as the third-largest pizza chain in the world. Founded in Detroit Michigan in 1959 by Mike and Mariam Llitch, the organization has many locations in different parts of the US today. 

One phenomenal feature that has kept it growing over the years is the extent to which it goes out to satisfy its customers. And one such way is through providing discounts in the form of Promo codes to them. Join me to see the Little Caesars promo codes that work perfectly in this article. 

Does Little Caesars Have Promo Codes?


Yes, it does have promo codes. Like many restaurants including Subway, Little Caesars gives out promo codes to loyal customers often. This is one of the reasons why shopping with it is always interesting. If you do not know what the promo codes are and how to get them as well as how they are used, then stay tuned and read as we move through the various sections of this article.

How To Get Little Caesars Promo Codes.


Below are some of the ways to get Little Caesars promo codes.

  • Sign Up For eNewsletter: this can be done on the website of the organization. 
  • On the Little Caesars Mobile App.
  • On the official website of the organization.

How To Use Little Caesars Promo Codes.


The promo codes of Little Caesars are not available in print format. However, they can be copied from their various sources and used both online and in stores. All you have to do is enter the promo code at the checkout point and it will be deducted from your balance. You can also write out the code and show the server when checking out. 

What Promo Codes Does Little Caesars Have Right Now?


If you are a consistent LIttle Caesars customer, you would know that the restaurant gives out promo codes often and they can be used for both online and in-store purchases as explained above. Below are some of the promo codes that are active right now.

Free Crazy Bread.

This is the most common promo code or coupon that is currently active. One beautiful thing about it is that it can be used online hence it is not restricted to a particular location. With the promo code CRAZY3A, you will get a free Little Caesars crazy bread when you order your favorite pizza online.

Free 2L Code.

This is yet another amazing code to use. And this time, it gives you access to get a free 2-liter drink when you use the code to checkout. The free 2-liter promo code is FREE2L3C and can be used when you order pizza using the restaurant’s mobile app or official website. It is one of the most active codes right now as it has been tested and proven to work perfectly.

3 Topping Large Pizza

Another promo code that is actively available right now is the 3 Topping Large Pizza. This offer allows you to get your favorite bid pizza for just $7.99. It is available for both pickup and delivery. You can add it to your cart and enter the promo code UPTOYOU at the checkout section. This promo code is available till 1-8-2023. Hence you have enough time to use and enjoy it.

Free 2-Liter Soda.

Here is another amazing promo code from Little Caesars. With this code, you stand the chance of getting a free 2-liter soda when you use the promo code  FREE2L1 at the point of checking out. This promo code can be used with any order.


FREE2L2 is yet another promo code that is used to access amazing offers from Little Caesars. This code is however unique in the sense that it gives you access to get a free 2 liter of Pepsi with any order. The code has been tested as it has been in use for over 70 days and would still be on till January 2023.


This promo or coupon code gives you 50% off ExtraMostBestest Pizza on a 2-liter Pepsi order at any Little Caesars location near you. 

Other Little Caesars Promo codes And Coupons.


Apart from the promo codes that have been discussed above, there are other Little Caesars promo codes that are also very helpful. See some of them below

  • 10DEAL6: This code gives you access to get a $10 Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza and a crazy combo.
  • FREELCPIZZA3: with the use of this promo code, you will get one free pizza when you buy one using the mobile app. 
  • OURTREAT6: this promo code is only valid at participating locations. With it, you will get a free 4-pieces cookie brownie with any purchase above $15.Then use the promo code at the checkout section of the location.
  • CLASSICPLAY1: This code comes with some restrictions hence may not be the best for everyone. However, with CLASSICPLAY1, you have access to a free large classic pizza when you order online before the NFL games. This is why it is called a pre-game promo code. And to use it, you should spend at least $20.
  • 199COMBO: this is a Little Caesars promo code that is available for online orders. All you have to do is paste it at checkout and you are good to go. This code gives you access to a $1.99 Crazy combo with any pizza of your choice.
  • FREELCPIZZA2: the use of this promo or coupon code allows you to get one free ExtraMostBestest Pizza when you purchase a custom 2-topping pizza. All you have to do here is enter the code at checkout. Note that it may come with some restrictions.

How To Find The Little Caesars Near Me


There are many ways to find the nearest location of Little Caesars. However, the most reliable method is by visiting the location page of its website. Enter your city, state, or zip code into the search box and search. You will be presented with a site map showing all locations around you.

You can also fo that through the use of Google Maps, Google Assistant, Siri, and others.

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Does Little Caesars Offer Delivery?


Yes, it does offer delivery. Hence if you made an online order and you want it delivered to your preferred location, click on the delivery option on the website or mobile app. Enter your location and other required information and submit. Note that you will be charged a delivery fee which can be reduced if you use a promo code for delivery.  

This, therefore, goes to show that the Little Caesars promo codes are inexhaustive. Stay tuned to their website and mobile app to get more updates on them. Or contact customer service as shown in the next paragraph.

How To Contact Little Caesars Customer Service.


To get more information about Little Caesars Promo codes, call customer service at 1-800-722-3727 or stay tuned to its website.


This article has succeeded in showing you various Little Caesars promo codes that are actively in use. Grab the opportunity today and use the promo code of your choice while it lasts.