OTR Truck Driver Jobs Opportunity In USA – Apply Now

OTR truck driver jobs are in high demand in the United States. So, there is no better time to get a job than now. If you want to start a good career in driving, read this article as I show you OTR truck driver job opportunities in the USA. You will learn about what it takes to get the job, how to apply for it, expected salaries, among others.

The truck driving industry is one of the fastest-growing job options in the United States and its importance can not be over-emphasized. This has accounted for the high demand for OTR truck drivers in the country. With not so many qualifications and requirements, it serves as one of the best options for immigrants and residents seeking employment.

Its salaries are competitive and could go a long way to giving you the life that you seek. Continue reading to get all the details you need about this job. 

Growing OTR Truck Driver Opportunities In United States


The trucking industry has experienced tremendous growth over many centuries and decades in the United States. And as it grows, many changes have also been inputted for effectiveness and organization. As of today, there are over a million trucking companies in the US with over 15 million trucks on the road.

Over 70% of all freight is moved by OTR trucks hence there are over 3 million truck drivers with many openings for more. So, if you are skilled and have the necessary qualification as an immigrant or resident, OTR truck driving is waiting to employ you. Read on to see how to apply for the job.

What ORT Truck Driver Jobs Entails


OTR truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods, chemicals, and equipment over a long distance. They help to ensure the security of the cargo to prevent any damages during transportation. The driver also assists in loading and unloading of cargo. They are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the company’s truck to ensure that all mechanical systems are good and fit for the journey. 

Salary Of An OTR Truck Driver In United States


The salaries for OTR truck drivers in the United States vary with the company as some of them pay higher than others. Also, your level of expertise on the job determines the salaries.

In other words, those employed for entry-level positions do not earn as much as those with more than 2 years of experience. However, the salary ranges from $62,500 to $99,500 per year with an average weekly salary of $1,761. 

Highest Paying OTR Truck Companies In United States


When searching for an OTR truck driver job opportunity in the United States, it is good to aim at (don’t limit yourself) some of the highest-paying companies. Below are some of the highest-paying OTR trucking companies. 

  • GP Transco
  • Walmart
  • Riverside Transport
  • Empire Express
  • Hogan Transportation
  • Grand Island Express
  • Epes Express
  • Barr-Nunn
  • Mercier Transportation.

Qualification And Certification


As an OTR truck driver should have at least a high school diploma or GED certificate. You must also have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a clean driving record, and a sound knowledge of safety rules and regulations. 

Emphasizing Your Skills


As an immigrant or job seeker, it is essential to always put forth your transferable skills and work experiences. Some of such skills that will be relevant to the OTR truck driver job are time management, problem-solving skills, effective communication, ability to use road maps and GPS devices, ability to work for long hours, etc. 

How To Apply For OTR Truck Driver Job In USA


To apply for the job, the first step is to rapidly search for openings. You can do this by registering with online job portals, social media pages, internet, and company-specific websites. After that, tailor your resume to suit the requirements for the job and apply immediately. Always emphasize your skills as stated above and network with others in the industry to broaden your knowledge of the job. 

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OTR truck driver job opportunities are many in the United States. This article has shown you all that the job entails and how you can apply and get one for yourself. I hope this has been helpful.