Happy Hour Midtown [ 15 Best Spots ]

Are you searching for the best places to enjoy happy hour in Midtown? If yes, take a trip with me as I show you around 15 best Happy Hour Midtown. Are There Happy Hours In Midtown? Yes, there are many restaurants and bars in Midtown where happy hour is held daily and weekly. If you … Read more

Sonic Happy Hour Time 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off Drinks & Slushes ]

Sonic happy hour is the best time to get 50% discount when you buy drinks or other items from their restaurant. It runs everyday, although it has a specific time for the special discount, just like every other restaurants in United States. Hence, this article is summed up on revealing sonic restaurant happy hour time, … Read more

Chili’s Happy Hour Time & Menu 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Off All Items ]

The most appropriate time to get the best prices and up to a 50% percent discount on drinks and food items is Chili’s happy hour. There are lots of mouth-watery offers and delicious items on the menu during the happy hour. It is important to note that happy hour at Chili’s does not last for … Read more

Yard House Happy Hour 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Special Discount ]

Are you looking for a place to get your favorite appetizers and drinks at reduced prices? Then you don’t have to search any further as Yard House happy hour is the answer to your quest. This article is set to show you all about the happy hour including its menu, prices, hours, days, and so … Read more

Matador Happy Hour 2023 [ Everyday Specials Discount ]

Matador is one of the best places to get authentic Mexican dishes that would satisfy your cravings. And it is more satisfying when you have to eat all of that without having to empty your pockets. This is why you should be a part of the Matador Happy Hour when prices of items are slashed … Read more

Hooters Happy Hour Specials [ 1/2 Off Appetizers & Sandwiches ]

I actually concluded that I’ve had enough with some wack fast food restaurants in the United States until I came across Hooters. This American chain of restaurants changed my mind. They are really unique in their way as they specialize in serving tasty sandwiches, salads, cheap appetizers, wings, burgers, in addition to tacos and numerous … Read more

Bahama Breeze Happy Hour 2023 [ Enjoy 50% Discount ]

The restaurant to visit for the best and top notch Caribbean cuisine along with tasty food and drinks is definitely Bahama Breeze. This American restaurant is actually one of the best when it comes to serving caribbean-inspired food and drinks, fresh Island cocktails and margaritas, draft beers, half-priced appetizers and so on. Yes! I mentioned … Read more

Milestones Happy Hour Times [ Menu & Prices ]

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your evening time and a place to relax, then Milestones is your best option. This is even more interesting because you would not need to spend so much money to buy drinks and food that will aid your relaxation. As the Milestones happy hour got … Read more