Dragonfly Happy Hour Times 2023 [ 50% Off All Menu Items ]

Are you looking for a convenient and affordable place to get food and drink items for that your celebration? Then you should visit the Hearst location of Dragonfly during its happy hour. Dragonfly happy hour has a lot in stock for you at very affordable prices.

This article has compiled the menu, prices, happy hour days, and times for you. So read carefully to the end to get every information that you need. 

As you may have known about happy hours, this restaurant has fixed a time to reward its customers and get higher sales. This is done by reducing the prices of selected items on their menu. The time that these select items are served to customers is what is referred to as the Dragonfly Happy hour

The happy hour is a very exciting time because the prices of items are greatly slashed hence you can afford them. without breaking the bank. 

Apart from these, the environment is Serene and perfect for relaxation after a very stressful day at work. This is further enhanced by the time that the happy hour takes place. As we continue, you will see the menu, prices, days, and times of the happy hour. 

What Does Dragonfly Have On Its Happy Hour Menu?


One phenomenal feature of the Dragonfly happy hour menu is that it is vast with a variety of food and drink items that you will love. The items are suitable for people of various ages, appetites, and health needs. That is to say, whatever you crave is contained in the menu. This is unlike some other restaurants that have just a few items on their menu. 

Some of the food items on the menu are oysters, salads, burgers, hand rolls, tempura, chicken, pork, etc. 

You will also find wines, beers, liquors, spirits, cocktails, and so much more in the drink section of the menu. 

Prices Of Items At Dragonfly Menu During Happy Hour


It will also interest you to know that all the items on the happy hour menu at Dragonfly are extremely affordable as they are all below $9. You could get some for as low as $1 and most of them are between $5 and $6. See the details of items and prices below. 

Dragonfly Happy Hour Menu And Prices 


Food items

  • Tempura Toasted Bagel Roll – $6
  • California Roll – $6
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll – $6
  • Krispy Krunch – $6
  • Salmon Kobachi Hand Roll – $6
  • Uramaki – $6
  • Mini Ginger Salad – $3
  • Warm Baby Spinach & Shiitake Mushroom Salad – $6
  • Wakame Salad – $3
  • Robata Grilled Sweet Corn – $4
  • Robata Grilled Shishito Peppers – $4
  • Japanese Sliders (2 buns per order) – $6
  • Robata Grilled Chicken Breast (2 skewers per order) – $4
  • Robata Grilled Chicken Thigh (2 skewers per order) – $4
  • Wontons (5 per order) – $6
  • Classic Miso Soup – $6
  • Classic Edamame – $6
  • Pork Gyoza (5 dumplings per order) – $6
  • Black n Bleu – $6
  • Veggie or Pork Dumplings – $6
  • Grilled Asparagus – $4
  • Edamame – $6
  • Grilled Shishito Peppers – $4
  • Chicken Thigh – $4
  • Chicken Breast – $4
  • Oysters – $1.50
  • Ginger Salads – $6



  • Saké Spritz – $6
  • Shōchū Mojito – $6
  • Musashhi’s Paddle – $6
  • Sumo Smash – $6
  • Ginger Lemon Drop – $3
  • Old Fashioned – $6
  • Saké Blossom – $6
  • Dragonfly Old Fashioned – $7
  • Musashi’s Paddle – $6
  • Teelingcillin – $8
  • Matuamo Passion – $7
  • Dragonfly Sangria – $6


  • platinum 7x vodka – $3
  • broker’s gin – $3
  • cane run rum – $1
  • Corazon tequila – $1
  • 4 roses yellow label bourbon – $3
  • old overholt rye – $3
  • Gracias a Dios mezcal – $1

Beers And Liquors:

  • seasonal drafts Beer – $3
  • Kirin Ichiban Beer – $3
  • White Wine:
  • Giesen sauvignon blanc – $6
  • luna nuda pinot grigio – $6
  • anna de codorniu cava sparkling brut – $6
  • Sapporo Draft- $5
  • Tito’s vodka – $6
  • Breckenridge Gin – $6
  • Aberfeldy 12 years scotch – $8

Red Wine:

  • Norton 1895 malbec – $6
  • north by northwest red blend – $6
  • silver gate cabernet sauvignon – $6
  • Guenoc Cabernet Sauvignon – $6
  • Hayes Ranch Rose – $6

Note: availability of happy hour items varies from one location to the other and the prices could also be different in some locations. And they could also change with time. So depending on where and when you want to participate in the happy hour, always ensure that you confirm the items and prices from the dragonfly location near you. 

What Time Does Dragonfly Happy Hour Begin?


Dragonfly Happy Hour time is one of the best you can get. This is because it is held at a time of the day when you would be available to relieve yourself of the day’s stress. And the best place to do that is at this restaurant with a plate of food and drink. 

The happy hour here begins at 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. With this arrangement, you can pick out a day that is more convenient for you to participate without readjusting your schedules. 

If you arrive before 5:00 PM, you will either have to wait or order from the main menu as happy hour begins at 5:00 PM daily except Sunday when it is available all day.  

What Time Does Dragonfly Happy Hour End?


In the same vein, the happy hour ends at a convenient time as well. The time is such that you can finish early and have enough time to spend with your family and other work-related activities. 

The Dragonfly happy hour ends at 7:00 PM every day except Sunday. In other words, from Monday to Saturday, the happy hour is available till 7:00 PM. While on Sunday, it is available all day. 

If you visit any location of this restaurant when it is past 7 on weekdays and Saturdays, you might have to order from the main menu which costs more. So to participate in the happy hour, do not arrive after 7:00 PM. 

Dragonfly Happy Hour Days And Times. 

Monday To Saturday

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Sunday – All Day Happy Hour. 

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Is Late Night Happy Hour Held At Dragonfly?


Although it might be available in some locations of the restaurant, most Dragonfly locations do not hold late-night happy hour. In such places, happy hour takes place only during the early evening hours and terminates at 7 pm as explained above. 

When Is The Dragonfly Happy Hour On Sunday?


On Sundays, the happy hour is available all day at Dragonfly. In other words, you can order from the happy hour menu whenever you visit the restaurant on Sunday. However, this must be within the hours of operation. 


Now that you have seen the Dragonfly happy hour days, times, menu, and prices, I believe you are convinced that this is the right place to have your mini-party without spending so much.